Compact Lightweight Mixed Layout Connectors Combine Power & Signal Delivery Capabilities

14 June 2023

Now available via Powell Electronics, the Gecko-MT range of 1.25mm-pitch mixed layout connectors are meant for high-reliability applications where space is limited and there are weight constraints involved.

Manufactured by Harwin, these components can be supplied with either 2 or 4 power contacts and 8 signal contacts, carrying 10A and 2A currents per contact respectively. The proprietary 4-finger contact design ensures that an electrical contact is maintained even when subjected to heavy vibrations (up to 20G for 6 hours) and shocks (up to 100G for 6ms). Stainless steel locking screws strengthen the mating connection. Gecko-MT devices have 1000 mating cycle durability, and an operational temperature range of 65°C to +150°C is supported. Among the key applications for these connectors are space (with NASA and ESA outgassing requirements met), avionics and auto-sport. 

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