Ultra-Thin & Extremely Flexible EMI Shielding Films for Smart Devices

13 June 2023

LIOTELAN is a series of conductive and insulating sheet shielding films developed by Toyochem which are intended from the protection of electrical/electronic equipment.

Based on proprietary functional filler dispersion technology, these films exhibit elevated levels of water resistance and are highly flexible (with a 500% elongation). They can be hot-press moulded on to sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI) within an electronic system design - thereby presenting engineers with a lightweight multi-layer shield that is much more compact than using a conventional metal shielding can approach. Among the prospective applications for these shielding films are wearable devices, wireless communication modules, automation hardware, etc.

β€œAn insulating sheet layer can be hot-press moulded directly over electronic components attached to the substrate. A conductive layer is formed over the insulating layer using the same method. With LIOTELAN shielding films, device engineers can easily and speedily create lightweight, durable and effective EMI shields, without the need for soldering or a bulky can cover,” notes Hidenobu Kobayashi, Technical Manager at Toyochem.”

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