Farnell Provides Channel for New Power Device Innovations from ADI

09 June 2023

Distribution firm Farnell is now supplying the latest Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) power product introductions from stock.

The new high-performance ADI power management ICs and converters meet acutely demanding application requirements and feature cutting-edge design and packaging technologies. Delivering heightened power densities, ultra-low noise operation and superior reliability, these devices ensure that systems can operate at optimal efficiency while reducing cost of ownership. They are backed by a complete design tool suite and customisable power interconnect solutions.

Among the new additions to Farnell’s ADI-sourced offering are: 
•The MAX25239/MAX25240 - which is currently the industry's only 6A automotive-grade buck-boost converter, and is intended for use in ADAS ECUs, body electronics, infotainment systems, point-of-load (PoL) power supplies and start-stop systems. 
•The MAX25240 evaluation kit (EVK) - for use with the MAX25240 400MkHz, 36V-rated buck-boost converter. 
•The LT8355-1 60VIN/120VOUT - which presents engineers with a dual-channel DC/DC controller that can drive two strings of high-current LEDs with high degrees of precision. 

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