SiC Gate Drivers Pivotal Combatting in EV Range Anxiety

17 May 2023

The newly-announced UCC5880-Q1 reinforced isolated gate driver IC from Texas Instruments is a highly-integrated, functional safety-ready device. It will enable engineers to design more efficient traction inverters, thereby extending the distance that electric vehicles (EVs) can travel between recharges.

It comprises key features that will allow EV powertrains to be developed that have elevated power densities, while reducing the overall complexity involved and keeping system bill-of-materials costs down. It has both ±15A and ±5A drive current outputs, a 4A active Miller clamp (AMC), an advanced short-circuit protection mechanism and sophisticated diagnostic capabilities too. By varying the gate-drive strength in real time, engineers can improve system efficiency using the UCC5880-Q1 gate driver as SiC switching power losses can be minimised and battery charge conserved

“Designers of high-voltage applications like traction inverters face a unique set of challenges to optimise system efficiency and reliability in a small space,” notes Wenjia Liu, Product Line Manager for High-Power Drivers at Texas Instruments. “Not only does this new isolated gate driver help enable engineers to maximize driving range, but it also integrates safety features to reduce external components and design complexity.”

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