Heap Monitoring Feature Added to the SEGGER SystemView Platform

15 May 2023

The SystemView real-time recording, visualisation and analysis tool from SEGGER has just had new functionality added. It can now monitor how applications utilise dynamic storage - with usage information being presented in a simple and intuitive form.

In many cases, memory can be allocated for the lifetime of the application without any issues. However, increases in the peak load of the heap over time can cause problems. In such situations, the application is probably going to leak memory. Thanks to SystemView’s heap monitor, such changes can be spotted – and leak locations determined. In addition, SystemView has the capacity to monitor multiple heaps simultaneously.

For applications using the C or C++ heap, multiple custom heaps, or memory pool objects offered by an RTOS, SystemView can trace how these are used over time. Each block of memory is tagged, with tags being maintained in the SystemView application. 

According to SEGGER founder, Rolf Segger; “Dynamic storage is becoming more widely used in embedded systems. Engineers used to try and avoid it because of the difficulty in monitoring usage. As is often the case, this SystemView enhancement grew out of customer requests for this feature. With SystemView, monitoring and managing dynamic storage has changed from being something to avoid, to being something manageable.”

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