SiC-Based E-Fuse Demonstrator Provides Rapid & Reliable Way of Protecting EV Power Electronics

15 May 2023

Presenting automotive engineers with an effective high-voltage circuit protection solution, the E-Fuse Demonstrator Board from Microchip features the company’s SiC MOSFET and PIC microcontroller technologies. It is available in 6 different variants for 400V to 800V battery systems, with current ratings going up to 30A.

Thanks to its high-voltage solid-state design, the E-Fuse demonstrator can detect and interrupt fault currents at µs speeds - which is orders of magnitude faster than with conventional mechanical arrangements. Its accelerated responsiveness means that peak short-circuit currents are reduced significantly - thereby preventing fault events resulting in hard failures. Making integration into vehicles straightforward, its built-in LIN interface enables the configuration of the over-current trip characteristics without requiring modification of hardware components. It also allows diagnostic capabilities to be benefitted from.

According to Clayton Pillion, the VP of Microchip’s SiC business unit; “The E-Fuse demonstrator provides BEV/HEV OEM designers with a SiC-based technology solution to jumpstart their development process with a faster, more reliable method for protecting power electronics. The solid-state design also alleviates long-term reliability concerns about electromechanical devices because there is no degradation from mechanical shock, arcing or contact bounce.”

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