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Robust Touch Solutions Attend to Needs of Transport Systems & In-Vehicle Applications

11 May 2023

Review Display Systems (RDS) has unveiled a broad array of projective capacitive (PCap) touch-enabled products from highly respected supplier partner AMT.

There is a need for more sophisticated human machine interfaces in the transportation systems, vehicles and vessels operating in numerous terrestrial, subterranean, atmospheric and marine settings. The next generation display/touch technologies employed in such systems need to provide dependable operation under a wide range of operating conditions and applications environments. They need to exhibit resilience to extreme temperature, electro-magnetic interference, mechanical shocks and vibrations, plus  exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, if ongoing performance is to be assured. 
AMT's PCap touchscreen solutions can cope with even the most exacting of thermal cycling demands, as well as varying ambient light conditions. They have been successfully tested to rigorous industry standards - including accelerated UV ageing and weathering in accordance with ASTM G154 Cycle 1. They also meet DO-160 conducted RF emission at 150kHz-152MHz and radiated RF emission at 100MHz-6000MHz test standards. 

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