Anodised-look custom paint for METCASE enclosures

02 February 2023

METCASE aluminium electronic enclosures are an elegant anodised-style powder coating that provides a cost-effective alternative to electrochemical anodised finishes.

This smart new custom paint finish gives the enclosure front/rear panels an anodised look at a price that is viable for low-volume custom orders (where the panels are to be punched and printed to customer specifications as well). For larger volumes, traditional anodising remains the best cost option.

The new powder coating dries in a deep matt finish (<5 GU), giving the panels a luxurious satin feel. It is resistant to weathering and chemicals, and there are no toxic ingredients.

This thermosetting resin is based on an acrylic/carboxylated polyester copolymer system. It is applied in a thickness of 60-100 microns and cured at 200° C for 10 minutes to achieve a perfect matt finish.

Before the powder coating is applied, the aluminium must be pretreated with a chrome-free GSB- or Qualicoat-approved chemical treatment.

The new anodised-look powder coating is the latest new paint finish to be added to METCASE’s now 42-strong range of ‘always in stock’ custom colours. Recently, METCASE added eight new colours: violet blue (RAL 5000), cobalt blue (RAL 5013), pigeon blue (RAL 5014), yellow (Pantone 1235C), medium dark orange (Pantone 159C), salmon orange (Pantone 2027C), teal (Pantone 2238C) and anthracite (Pantone 432C).

Other customisation services offered by METCASE include bespoke sizes, CNC machining, and photo-quality digital printing of legends, logos and graphics. 

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