AnyNet SMARTconnect software cuts IoT device development times

26 January 2023

Eseye has launched its AnyNet SMARTconnect on-device connectivity software solution, embedding intelligent, global IoT connectivity directly into any device.

Additionally, AnyNet SMARTconnect increases resiliency, keeping devices connected and optimised both now and in the future. This allows IoT initiatives to scale without hiring costly, hard-to-find connectivity or firmware engineers. Showcasing at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona from 31st January, AnyNet SMARTconnect is already in use with several of Eseye’s enterprise customers.

Supplied as an independent plug-in software module, AnyNet SMARTconnect codifies Eseye’s expertise into powerful and flexible device software that partners and customers can easily integrate into their IoT or connected device. This helps ensure ‘right first time’ delivery and provides the flexibility of device design to help future-proof the solution to navigate current and future supply chain issues. It supports global deployments by enabling a single SKU, including initial bootstrap and provisioning. AnyNet SMARTconnect allows enterprises to bypass software development and install plug-and-play connectivity intelligence directly into their devices. This can accelerate a product launch by up to 9 months, significantly reducing costs and allowing them to focus on the applications and data that deliver value to their customers.

Matt Hatton, Founding Partner at Transforma Insights, comments, “One key watchword for IoT in 2023 is ‘optimisation’. It’s no longer enough to bolt together a set of components, and hope they work well together. They need to be optimised with each other to ensure that the device, networks, protocols, cloud and edge storage/compute, security and application logic are all optimised to work with each other. This is particularly exacerbated by the need to deploy IoT in constrained environments where access to power, processing, bandwidth, and memory might be limited. Another watchword is ‘managed’. Enterprises adopting IoT need to be sure that someone is taking care of these increasingly complex elements so they can concentrate on their regular business. Every enterprise needs an IoT solution that is optimised and managed.”

AnyNet SMARTconnect leverages Eseye’s AnyNet Federation – a global mobile network alliance that spans 190 countries and provides access to over 700 global networks with more localisation options than any other provider– along with its award-winning Infinity IoT Connectivity Management Platform™. It includes a set of higher-layer communication protocol extensions including MQTT, CoAP and Lightweight Machine to Machine (LWM2M) that benefit by understanding and responding to the underlying network state. For example, the LWM2M may wait for increased signal strength, higher and more cost-effective bandwidth before doing a Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) update.

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