Digi-Key Electronics Debuts Farm Different Season 2 Videos

Author : Alistair Winning

05 January 2023

Digi-Key Electronics is debuting a new season of its “FarmDifferent” video series that highlights the role of automation andcontrol technologies in sustainable farming.

Season 2 of the three-episode series, sponsored by YAGEO Group and STMicroelectronics, will highlight connectivity from farm to table, and include interviews with agricultural industry experts on automation, labor issues, advanced sensors, resource management and asset tracking.

“When moving toward sustainable agricultural practices and greater efficiency in food production, connectivity is crucial,” said Josh Mickolio,supplier business development manager for wireless at Digi-Key.“We’re excited to showcase how technologies like advanced sensors and automated systems are allowing for more sustainable and less wasteful options for food production across the entire chain from farm to table.”

“The future of farming is dependent on big data, and KEMET is honored to work with some of the world’s most innovative designers to collect, process, analyze, and act upon large amounts of sensing data to make farming efficient, targeted, and sustainable,” said Scott Carson, vice president, product management & central planning at the YAGEO Group. “The KEMET KONNEKT high density packaging technology is one example of how we are working to support the transformation of farming technology to ensure a brighter future for our planet.”

“Sustainability has been central to ST’s business model and culture for the last 25 years,” said Edoardo Gallizio, director of product marketing at ST. “Our strategy drives our investments and roadmap decisions and shows how our products today can enable smart and precise agriculture solutions that embody ST’s vision to contribute to long-term sustainable and profitable growth for society.”

The first of three videos in the series, “Automating a Withering Workforce,” is now live on Digi-Key’s website, and looks at how the growing shortage of farmers around the world has created the need for automated solutions to step in and fill the gap.

The second video, entitled “From Farm to Table,” will highlight technologies that can better monitor food through the supply chain to prevent excess waste; and the third video, “The Sustainable Future of Farming,” will cover new innovations in agricultural technology that maximize efficiency.

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