Innoscience leads global shipment of GaN power electronics devices as wide bandgap market scales up exponentially

14 December 2022

World's largest 8-inch GaN-on-Si HEMT company enables worldwide uptake of preferred power technology of choice.

Innoscience Technology, the company founded to create a global energy ecosystem based on high-performance, low-cost, gallium-nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) power solutions, has demonstrated its ability to support high volume demand in GaN FETs globally, since it first started mass production on 8in wafer lines in 2019. The huge increase in the uptake of GaN power devices confirms the acceptance of GaN as the technology of choice for future power converting and power distributing applications.

As well as significant sales growth, 2022 was a remarkable year for Innoscience. The company established strong local sales and marketing customer support teams in the USA, Europe and South Korea. Together with the previously set Taiwan, Japan Sales teams, now the company offers local sales and application support in all the major semiconductor consuming regions.  

Dr. Lei Feng, Chief Marketing Officer at Innoscience comments: “Having local sales and application support to the customers in each region gives our customers better way to understand our technology and solution offering. Moreover, it helps us get better understanding on the customers’ future demand. We are setting up solid base with new customer designs for sales of GaN devices to grow exponentially. During 2022, Innoscience shipped its 100 millionth unit which we believe is a first for the industry, and which represents a key milestone and proving the quality and reliability of our GaN devices. This massive scale-up is enabled thanks to our investment in high quality, reliable 8-inch wafer fabs. Our success in 2022 has already demonstrated the strength of our high-volume manufacturing capacity. Our capacity plan is scalable to support future growth of the industry.

This year, innoscience has also introduced several families of devices, including Bi-GaN, the world’s first bi-directional GaN HEMTs that can be used inside smartphones to save space, increase efficiency and limit temperature rise, as well as externally in fast chargers. The company now offers a full range of 30-150V and 650V parts including low 80m? RDS(on) 650V GaN HEMTs in industry-standard packages, and these have been demonstrated at leading exhibitions including APEC, PCIM and electronica.

Dr Denis Marcon, General Manager of Innoscience Europe concludes: “It’s exciting time to be part of a company that is truly enabling customers worldwide operating in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications to benefit from the advantages of GaN. Our technology is proven, and our GaN HEMTS are available in volume and priced cost-effectively.

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