Electric bicycle is powered by SCiB

30 September 2008

Toshiba’s SciB battery is used by Cannondale Sports in this electric bicycle.

It seems to defy what cycling is all about, but electric bicycles are becoming more popular, taking the legwork out of cycling, with an installed power battery module.

The Schwinn Tailwind electric bike is the first commercially available electric bike that uses Toshiba’s SciB 24V/4.2Ah battery. It is scheduled for a North America and Europe launch early next year. Presumably timed for all those who will have broken their New Year resolution to cycle more.

The SciB is safe, powerful and offers an exceptionally fast recharge time, says Shoshi Kawatsu, general manager, Toshiba’s Transmission supercharge battery division, at last week’s Interbike, bicycle trade show in Las Vegas. It uses a negative-electrode material that offers a high level of thermal stability and a high flash point electrolyte. It’s structure is resistant to internal short circuiting and thermal runaway and is unlikely to rupture or combust.

It is claimed that the SciB has an I/O performance equivalent to an electric double layer capacitor, making it suitable for high-power applications. Capacity loss after 3,000 cycles of rapid charge and discharge is less than 10 per cent, according to the company. It is able to repeat the charge-discharge cycle over 6,000 times. The recharge current can be as high as 50A which allows the battery cell and battery module to recharge to 90 per cent of full capacity within five minutes in this instance. The recharge times depend on the products into which the battery is integrated and on the peripheral components used.

The battery module can operate in extreme temperatures, down to -30°C and is comprised of 10 4.2Ah SciB cells in series connection, with a battery management system.

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