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Another eight sizes added to Hammond’s IP68 1555F flanged enclosure family

02 November 2022

Hammond’s popular 1555F IP68 sealed flanged enclosure family has been extended with a further eight sizes, bringing the total number of options up to 23.

The rate of deployment of electronic systems and sub-systems into the manufacturing workspace and outdoor environments continues to increase as control and monitoring equipment becomes more decentralised as time goes on. No longer is the norm a central control room with dumb sensors and actuators located around the facility. Intelligent units with wired or wireless mesh communication are located adjacent to the equipment they manage and monitor. This trend puts the onus on the enclosure manufacturer to provide robust protection for the housed PCBs (printed circuit boards) and other components. In addition to providing containment, the enclosure is required to provide a secure environment for the housed electronics or systems. When it comes to the level of protection required, it will be, like everything, a balancing act. Over-specify for the application and the enclosure cost will be unnecessarily high; under-specify and there is the risk of equipment failure or malfunction as the result of contaminant ingress.

To give specifiers even more choice, enclosures manufacturer, Hammond has added a further eight sizes to its popular 1555F IP68 sealed flanged family, bringing the total number of variants up to 23. The integral flanges moulded into the cover enable the enclosures to be secured directly to a surface and they also provide additional security by preventing access to the lid securing screws.

•    New: 104 x 106 in heights of 37 & 62mm.

•    New: 140 x 141 in heights of 37 & 62mm.

•    New: 180 x 181 in heights of 40 & 65mm.

•    New: 240 x 161 in heights of 37 & 61mm.

•    The polycarbonate versions are cUL & UL listed and are tested to IP68 (NEMA Type 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12 & 13).

•    The ABS versions are designed to meet IP66.

•    The polycarbonate versions are UV (ultraviolet) stabilised for outdoor use with a UL94-5VA rating.

•    The ABS versions have a flammability rating of UL94-HB for indoor use.

•    The 1555F are designed for surface mounting. The interior is secure as the lid screws are concealed.

•    Recesses are moulded into the cover for mounting keypads, touchscreens or labels.

•    The one-piece sealing gasket is made from a high temperature silicone & is UL listed.

•    PCB standoffs are moulded into both the lid & the base.

•    The lid is secured with self-captivated M4 stainless steel machine screws, threaded into integral corrosion-resistant bushings for repetitive assembly & disassembly.

•    DIN rail mountings are provided in the majority of sizes.

•    Optional galvanised steel inner panels are available for all sizes.

For detailed technical specifications and downloadable CAD drawings and PDF files, visit: hammfg.com/1555f

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