First inline visual-AI electronic components analytics platform to be presented at electronica

18 October 2022

Electronics manufacturing visual component inspection expert, Cybord aims to disrupt the electronics manufacturing industry with its unique solution for comprehensive electronic components analytics at the early stages of production. Cybord utilises top & bottom inspection of components, visual-AI & big data.

Cybord, an inline visual AI electronic component analytics software leader utlising AI & big data technology, has a stated mission to get counterfeit and defective components off production lines, for significantly increasing the reliability, authenticity and quality of products, and providing OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with the highest level of traceability.

Cybord will present its visual-AI platform and conduct live demos at the world’s leading electronics industry trade fair, electronica 2022, taking place November 15-18, 2022 in Munich, Germany. At the booth, visitors will be able to see how electronic components are inspected and analysed in a matter of milliseconds.

The Cybord Visual-AI platform aggregates and analyses images and data from 100% of the components at various production stages:
•    Cybord Kingfisher - Allows securely purchasing of electronic components from any source
•    Cybord Aquila - Ensures high yields of a product from its early assembly stages
•    Cybord Osprey - Verifies the visual traceability of marked components assembled on each PCBA (printed circuit board assembly)

The Cybord platform combines and analyses existing unutilised visual data and production metadata, ensuring authenticity, product quality and traceability.

As part of the live demo at the electronica 2022 trade fair, Cybord will present the Cybord Kingfisher solution, which inspects the incoming reels.

Come and visit and meet the Cybord team at Booth C3.368. They will be happy to set up one-on-one meetings in advance.

About Cybord
Cybord's innovative inline AI component analytics software solution for electronic manufacturing, the Cybord platform, enables 100% analysis of all components placed on PCBAs. The solution implements AI & Big Data technology to ensure productivity, quality, counterfeit identification, and unique visual traceability based on evidence. For more info, visit:

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