Next generation decoder IC

23 September 2008

HD decoder from STMicroelectronics claims to improve the performance of multimedia products.

The supplier of silicon chips for set-top boxes has begun sampling the Sti7105 high-definition video decoder, claiming enhancements for higher performance, lower power, and lower BOM costs in set-top boxes and home media servers.

As the latest evolution of ST’s STi710x single-chip decoders support audio and video standards such as H.264, VC-1, MPEG2, and WM9, the STi7105 uses the same architecture to enable easy migration. It also supports standard-definition formats, such as AVS.

It supports next-generation middleware and add-ins such as Flash media player and improved audio codecs, and in addition, an embedded SATA interface enables connection to hard-disk drives for DVR and PVR applications. Dual USB 2.0 interfaces also enhance connectivity for use in devices such as in-car multimedia systems.

The STi7105 includes an 800DMIPS CPU for control-plane tasks, as well as two VLIW DSPs to accelerate audio and video processing. A graphics processor with triple-source 2D blitter engine, compositor, and 1080p output also ensures high graphics performance. Support for industry-standard operating systems includes Microsoft Windows CE, Linux and OS21.

Embedded security in the STi7105 includes DES, AES, and DVB descramblers, as well as support for digital rights management through Windows DRM 10 and SVP (Secure Video Processor) standards. Support for HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and HDCP (High Definition Copy Protection) also ensures secure connectivity to high-definition displays.

Development support for rapid time to market includes source code for STAPI software drivers, as well as the STi710x evaluation platform and reference design with integrated drivers and support for satellite, terrestrial, cable and DSL demodulators. The STi7105 is available in sample quantities in a 27 x 27 PBGA package.

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