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Hammond’s rugged 1590 die-cast enclosure family

07 September 2022

Hammond’s flagship rugged 1590 family is available in 37 rectangular sizes from 51 x 51 x 25 to 254 x 70 x 50.

Hammond’s flagship general-purpose 1590 family is available in 37 rectangular sizes from 51 x 51 x 25 to 254 x 70 x 50, finished in unpainted smooth aluminium or lightly textured black epoxy powder coat. All sizes are available with plain flat lids, selected sizes with flanged lids that provide security when the enclosure is mounted to a surface or flanged bases for when repeated access is required are standard options.

For installation in aggressive environments, pre-formed silicone gaskets and O ring screws increase the standard IP54 rating to IP65. The 1590s has a low side wall draft angle to maximise the internal usable space for PCB mounting. The 1590-RIBBED variant, available in seven sizes from 50 x 50 x 31 to 192 x 112 x 61, features 2mm wide PCB slots in all four sides for vertical PCB mounting.

In nine selected sizes, standardised for manufacturers that produce the stomp boxes used by electric guitarists on stage, a further seven vibrant colours are available as standard.

Key 1590 IP54/IP65 features

•    37 sizes, rated at IP54, from 51 x 51 x 25 to 254 x 70 x 50 with plain lids in natural or black epoxy powder coated finish

•    Selected sizes available with an additional gasket and O ring sealed screws to achieve IP65 rating

•    31 sizes with flanged lids

•    32 sizes with flanged bases

•    Nine sizes (STOMP boxes) available with Cobalt Blue, Green, Light Grey, Orange, Purple, Red or Yellow polyester powder coat finish

•    Seven sizes available with internal 2mm slots in all walls for vertical PCB mounting

1590Z IP68 heavy duty version

The 1590Z heavy duty units feature an average wall thickness of 4.7mm, giving an immensely strong enclosure suitable for installation in the most demanding environments where mechanical damage is a potential hazard. All 23 sizes are sealed to IP68. Four recessed self-capitivated stainless steel machine screws, located outside the sealed area, secure the lid into tapped holes in the base, making the units ideal for applications where repeated openings and closings are required to access the housed equipment. Optional 1.3mm galvanised steel inner panels are available for the majority of sizes, allowing equipment to be mounted on a removable sub-assembly.

Key IP68 1590Z features

•    23 sizes from 50 x 45 x 30 to 400 x 230 x 180

•    Heavy-duty construction with an average wall thickness of 4.7mm

•    Sealed to IP68

•    Stainless steel securing screws

•    Optional 1.3mm galvanised steel inner panels available for most sizes

•    The majority of sizes have a mounting shelf in the base, enabling DIN rails or PCBs to be mounted directly into the unit without using stand-offs to provide clearance

•    Easy to wall mount using through box - blind holes outside the sealed area

•    Available with a natural finish or textured black or smooth grey powder coated finish inside and out

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