New variable DC power supply aids electrical testing for solar cell manufacturers

21 July 2022

REO_New variable DC power supply aids electrical testing
REO_New variable DC power supply aids electrical testing

One-size-fits-all REOTRON power supply will help manufacturers overcome long lead times & other challenges of manufacturing solar panels, amid post-COVID supply chain disruption, surging energy costs & growing demand for renewables.

Manufacturers’ interest in solar energy continues to surge, following reductions in VAT on energy efficient systems and a growing need to cut mounting energy bills for businesses. Solar panel manufacturers must satisfy this rising demand, despite the global semiconductor shortage that's causing a lack of availability and longer lead times for vital products used in their manufacture and other thin film manufacturing processes. To help manufacturers address these issues, electrical products manufacturer, REO UK has launched REOTRON SMP250-30, a one-size-fits-all variable direct current (DC) power supply that provides up to 250 volts (V) at  30 amps (A) with a maximum power of 5 kW.

The new REOTRON SMP250-30 variable DC power supply has been created as a more flexible solution, which allows current and voltage to be factory-defined for a wider range of applications compared to the other units in the REOTRON line. The unit is provided with Profibus or EtherCat interfacing as standard, so it can be easily-integrated into a manufacturer’s process management systems.

The REOTRON SMP250-30 provides the variable DC power supply which is vital in the manufacturing of solar cells and other products and applications which require thin film deposition. The unit provides a constant voltage, or current, to the process which ensures that the coating is of the correct thickness, measured in nm, and with low variability to ensure each solar cell meets appropriate standards.

The electrical components industry has faced many setbacks as a result of COVID, the closure of manufacturing sites and natural disasters,” said Steve Hughes, Managing Director at REO UK. “Many of these challenges have negatively impacted component availability and increased lead times, causing a spike in price for manufacturers.

Rather than build several variable DC power supplies to varying specifications, REO UK instead focused on a one-size-fits-all approach,” explained Hughes. “This means REO UK can supply the variable DC power supply quickly and at a lower cost for its customers.

In addition, REO UK uses software to configure the REOTRON SMP250-30 units to provide any voltage between 10 to 250 V, and between 1 and 30 A. This allows REO UK to offer an off-the-shelf solutions for any power between 10 and 5000 watts (W).

The REOTRON SMP range comprises primary switched-mode power supplies with DC output, which electronics design engineers which can be widely used in renewables applications, electric vehicle (EV) testing, for battery emulation, and general process and test applications. Design engineers interested in the latest editions to the REOTRON SMP variable power supply range can call +44 (0) 1588 673411, or visit the REO UK website for more information.

About REO:
REO manufactures resistive and inductive wound components for use with static frequency converter drives in lift and HVAC applications. The company is becoming increasingly involved in renewable energy technology, where power quality is of overriding importance. REO has manufacturing operations in Germany, the US, China and India

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