Electronic enclosures with matching stations for data transfer/charging

13 July 2022

OKW enclosures with optional docking stations for charging & data transfer
OKW enclosures with optional docking stations for charging & data transfer

More OKW wearable, handheld & modular plastic enclosures can now be specified with optional docking stations for charging & data transfer.

Applications include medical and therapy devices, diagnostics, biometrics, test & measurement, communications, data collection, sensors, automation, IoT/IIoT and Industry 4.0.

BODY-CASE (IP 65) is a wristwatch-style case that can also be worn on a lanyard or clipped to a belt. Power options include inductive charging. There are stations for the two larger sizes. Mountable stations are also available – enabling multiple units to be charged on a single-base device.

CARRYTEC (IP54 optional) is a large and tough handheld enclosure with integrated handle. The optional charging stations can be used on a tabletop or wall mounted. The enclosures snap securely into the stations.

DATEC-COMPACT (IP65 optional) is a compact handheld enclosure for use in challenging indoor/outdoor locations. The enclosures and their charging stations can be specified with gold-plated pin and spring contacts. Power options include a battery pack or compartment (AA or AAA cells).

DATEC-CONTROL is a handheld enclosure with a large head section to accommodate bigger graphic displays. There is a selection of charging stations for desks and walls – all ergonomically inclined for convenient operation of the device. 

SMART-CASE is a small, contoured handheld enclosure for remote controls. Options include battery compartments for AAA, AA and 9V cells. There are ergonomic desktop charging stations for the three larger sizes. Spring contacts and pins can be supplied as accessories.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL multifunction enclosures can be specified in a wide range of configurations thanks to their modular design – making them suitable for mobile, desktop, wall-mount and flush-mount electronics. Standard versions with docking stations are offered for all three sizes.

All OKW enclosures and their stations can be supplied fully customised.

For more information, view the OKW website.

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