Blaize & VSaaS collaborate on the development & deployment of AI surveillance applications

28 June 2022

AI edge computing expert, Blaize has announced a strategic collaboration with AI surveillance solutions provider, VSaaS to develop AI-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) & video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) applications across a range of markets in Chile & the US. As part of the agreement, Blaize & VSaaS will accelerate time-to-market & scale the development of AI surveillance applications in retail, smart city & transportation.

"We have developed AI (artificial intelligence) models running on the Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSPĀ®) architecture, connecting 4x the number of cameras compared to other solutions," said Francisco Soto, founder & CEO of VSaaS. "Our AI surveillance applications, powered by Blaize, enable quick and easy deployment running on the edge, on-premise, or in a data centre, addressing the unique needs of our shared customers."

The VSaaS platform utilises existing infrastructure to develop, deploy and scale video surveillance applications using AI and machine learning. Placed in existing infrastructures, VSaaS implements its AI edge platform in the security, retail and transportation industries. Combined with the Blaize highly efficient, low latency hardware associated with open and code-free AI software, this collaboration will enable new AI use cases and faster ROI (return on investment) of AI edge deployments in various markets.

About VSaaS
VSaaS is a leading provider of video surveillance applications using artificial intelligence (AI). The platform can work with AI models at the edge, on-premise and in the cloud; this gives the end user several benefits of managing and deploying surveillance apps using the same infrastructure. Customers with up to 800 cameras can deploy fast and easy surveillance applications for smart city, retail, construction and transportation use cases. With headquarters in Chile, VSaaS is opening a subsidiary in San Francisco (California, USA).

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