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Programmable digital power supply has intelligent GUI for status checks

29 June 2022

The AD-1500 ac-dc converter series by Cotek keeps users informed via an intelligent GUI. The programmable digital power supply is available from Relec Electronics.

The compact, configurable modules in the AD-1500 series offer users design flexibility. Programmability is from 0-105% of output and current, making them ideal for low voltage, high current applications such as controlling metal corrosion (cathodic protection), for example.

The 1500W ac-dc converters can be operated in constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) modes and offer digital control via a choice of RS485, Ethernet, I2C or PmBUS interfaces.

The modular design of the control interface means that new features can be added, but maintains backward compatibility with Cotek’s earlier models, such as the AE-1500.

An intelligent GUI (graphical user interface) allows engineers to set, query and monitor the module’s status. An EEPROM remembers all settings after a power shutdown (including DC output voltage, current and charge settings), to ensure rapid start-up after a restart.

A choice of changeable interface cards is available, allowing for single and multiple module use, and can be supplied with PmBus, Modbus, I2C or Ethernet communication protocols.

Universal ac input ranges from 90 to 264Vac and standard outputs are 12V, 15V, 24V, 20C, 36V, 48V and 57Vdc. A particular feature of the ac-dc converter series is that all units have a 5V/1A auxiliary output as standard to reduce overall cost when 5V is required. This is always-on, even if the converter is inhibited.

The digital interfaces provide a level of control ideally suited to applications that require fast feedback control and/or close monitoring of the power supply performance and parameters. Typical applications are EV charging, automation, robotics, air traffic control, financial services which rely on sound Ethernet communication, cathodic protection, process control and, in healthcare, laboratory and incubator equipment.

Protection features include built-in ORing FETs, over-current and over-voltage protection, as well as over-temperature shutdown with auto-recovery once the temperature is reduced. The AD-1500 series is fully protected against over-current and over-voltage situations, with the protection circuitry always proportional to the voltage and current setpoints. All units are also fully protected against over-temperature (unit shutdown) with auto-recovery once the temperature has reduced.

The modules are compact, with dimensions of just 280mm x 127mm x 64mm, Operating temperature range is 25°C to +60°C.

All standard modules and accessories will be available from Relec Electronics in September 2022.

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