SolutionsPT partners with Primary Engineer to support International Women in Engineering Day

23 June 2022

SolutionsPT Supports International Women in Engineering Day 2022 by working with Primary Engineer
SolutionsPT Supports International Women in Engineering Day 2022 by working with Primary Engineer

To support International Women in Engineering Day 2022, industrial IT solutions provider, SolutionsPT is working with STEM education programme, Primary Engineer to introduce engineering to more school pupils via a creative project to celebrate ingenuity & creativity for all children.

AVEVA Select Partner for the UK & Ireland, SolutionsPT is supporting primary schools in the Manchester area in a bid to increase awareness of engineering among school teachers and their pupils. The support, announced on International Women in Engineering Day 2022 (June 23rd), demonstrates further the company’s commitment to the engineering sector in a month where it was recognised by ‘Best Companies to Work For’ for a 12th consecutive year.

The programme, organised by Primary Engineer, introduces engineering into a classroom that would otherwise not cover an engineering subject. It trains school teachers to engage with pupils about science and design. The aim is to encourage whole of class engagement on an inclusive project which encourages boys and girls to work together in the practical application of maths and science. Pupils engage in design technology projects which encourage development of essential skills such as creativity, problem solving and teamwork.

Primary Engineer has been working with teachers and pupils across the country since 2005 to develop skills and inspire interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics). The projects provide opportunities for SolutionsPT engineering and technology professionals to support the projects in the classroom with pupils, providing a real-world context to their learning. The culmination of these efforts is a celebration of the childrens’ creations at which engineers from SolutionsPT meet the pupils and act as judges to decide on winning teams and present them with their awards.

Sue Roche, General Manager at SolutionsPT said: “We love this idea where boys and girls get to simulate a natural workplace by working together as a team to create a tangible output. Then, operating as a team, they can enjoy showcasing the creations at a special event. It’s imperative that we focus not only on encouraging girls into engineering, but also to demonstrate to boys that girls can take pride of place on an engineering team and are just as clever when it comes to engineering.”

SolutionsPT Supports International Women in Engineering Day 2022 by working with Primary Engineer
SolutionsPT Supports International Women in Engineering Day 2022 by working with Primary Engineer

Dr. Susan Scurlock, founder of Primary Engineer added: “Over the years, Primary Engineer has worked with leading organisations to help teachers and pupils understand more about engineering and the exciting opportunities within. We work with teachers so they can deliver our projects whole-class to provide opportunities for all pupils to meet and work with engineering professionals and to identify themselves with engineering regardless of their gender, ethnicity or background. We have seen throughout the programme that the interest in engineering from girls and boys is the same, only years later does a gender gap begin to show. Working with girls at this age allows us to address the stereotypes, and allows boys and girls to understand that engineering is a job for boys and girls alike, and will encourage them to consider joining the future engineering workforce. I am pleased that organisations that lead the way in the employee engagement, like SolutionsPT, see the impact that they can have at a very early age when it comes to encouraging children to consider a career in engineering.”

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