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Author : Benedikt Weyerer | Executive Director | embedded world

01 June 2022

From 21-23 June 2022, the 20th edition of embedded world will bring together experts & professionals from all areas of research & fields of application for embedded systems at Nürnberg Messe in Nuremberg, Germany. The return of the show, after missing last year during the COVID-19 pandemic, will offer the embedded community the opportunity to learn about new products, technologies & innovations, and to network with peers, maintaining & developing valuable contacts.

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In 2019, the show featured 1,100+ exhibitors from around the world, spread across 6 exhibition halls, and >30,000 visitors from around 80 countries (more than 40% were international), making it the leading exhibition & conference for the global embedded community. Benedikt Weyerer, Executive Director, embedded world tells us what to expect at this year’s event…

Whether it’s the safety of electronic systems, distributed intelligence, IoT (internet of things) or e-mobility and energy efficiency, embedded world spans the whole world of embedded systems. It encompasses the entire embedded ecosystem, from hardware components, modules and complete systems, through operating systems and software tools, right up to services across all aspects of embedded system design, build, deployment and support. As the international meeting place for the embedded sector, embedded world presents the latest future-oriented trends from every embedded discipline, as well as those relating to the increasingly complex questions of system design. The conference is synonymous with in-depth knowledge-sharing and personal interaction, and encourages an end-to-end approach to system design.

With extreme miniaturisation, coupled with increasingly higher computing performance, and efficient communication of networked and often also mobile systems, developers of embedded systems have to meet challenging requirements. The reliability of electronic systems, distributed intelligence, IoT and solutions for future themes such as e-mobility and energy efficiency are key topics for the embedded community and industry served by the show. For more than 20 years, embedded world has brought together embedded technology experts from all over the world developing solutions across a vast range of fields for the world of tomorrow.

“This year, more than ever, embedded world will be a sentinel for the co-operation, interchange and collaboration of the entire embedded technology community. As the embedded industry’s leading conference, it stands out for its systemic approach that takes into account different specific aspects of developing an embedded system. Thus, embedded world serves as a ‘community of communities’ to assemble the many different approaches to the world of embedded systems technology,” explains Chairman of the embedded world Conference, Professor Axel Sikora of Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and Hahn-Schickard Institute.

“The range of themes covered by embedded world is constantly growing, just like the challenges that developers are facing,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sikora. “Once again this year, we can look forward to knowledge input on key themes such as IoT, wired and wireless data transmission hardware, operating systems, software and system engineering, autonomous systems, safety and security, system-on-chip design, embedded vision and human-machine interaction.

“It’s nice to see experienced developers gathering in Nuremberg every year to share their knowledge and help others turn their ideas and innovations into actual products,” Sikora continues. “Previously, ‘Embedded Intelligence’ was essentially a vision of the future, but now it’s increasingly becoming a reality that impacts more and more systems, from autonomous vehicles to image recognition and embedded vision systems, and preventive and needs-based maintenance in Industry 4.0 systems, covering everything from small computers to high-powered cloud servers.”

Cooperative efforts set impulses for the conference programme

Embedded technologies are evolving at full speed. This year the dominant theme for the “internet of things” will be edge computing – a trend that is shifting computing power, machine learning and AI to where the data originates. Safety, security (including cybersecurity) and reliability therefore become indispensable for every system. The “Safety and Security” conference track will provide information about the relevant safety and security standards.

The cross-sectional character of embedded systems is particularly evident in software and systems engineering. Presentations will aim to identify and address the many shared features and synergies between different areas of application in industry, business and society. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover promising new approaches and solutions that have been developed and tested in other areas of the industry. Future-oriented topics such as embedded AI and embedded vision will also be spotlighted and hardware-heavy issues relating to circuit design at both chip and board level will be thoroughly explored.

Four sessions featuring well-known co-operation partners deserve special attention:

•  Members of the SGET (Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies) will present the Embedded Computer Board Standards they have developed.

•  The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) is organising a session on the technical and legal aspects of using open source components in embedded systems.

•  In collaboration with RISC-V International, comprehensive updates on current developments in all aspects of the RISC-V open instruction set architecture will be shared.

•  A session by the European HiPEAC Project (High Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation) will report on high-performance solutions at the chip and systems level.

Keynote sessions on trends & challenges of the embedded world  

Three keynote sessions on current topics are among the highlights of the embedded world conference:

On Tuesday 21 June, Dr Matthias Klauda, Executive Vice President of R&D for the Cross Domain Computing Solutions business area at Robert Bosch will provide insight into current technical trends for vehicle system architectures: “Brains and Nerves of Future Mobility – E/E-Architectures of the Vehicle and Beyond”.

On Wednesday 22 June, Steve Douglass, Corporate Vice President of Research & Development at Lattice Semiconductor will discuss adaptability in embedded development: “Embracing Change: The Mandate for Success in the Next Generation of Embedded Design”.

And on Thursday 23 June, Patricia Shaw, CEO & founder of Beyond Reach Consulting will explore ethical issues for AI systems and their practical implementation: “Responsible AI: From Principles to Practice”.

For more information on the keynotes, sessions and classes, visit: www.embedded-world.eu

Precise expert knowledge at the electronic displays conference

Alongside embedded world, the electronics display conference, held for a remarkable 36th time from 22-23 June 2022, boasts top-quality speakers and gives presenters and participants an opportunity to interact with each other on a professional level. It includes numerous high-level keynotes and presentations on various display technologies and development topics and trends, including touch systems, display uniformity & testing, display systems and measurements, micro-LEDs, OLEDs for automotive construction, gesture control, augmented & virtual reality, as well as HMI and GUI concepts.

“The electronic displays conference provides two days of in-depth knowledge-sharing at the highest technical and scientific level,” says Professor Dr Karlheinz Blankenbach of the University of Pforzheim and Chairman of the Conference Committee. “Not only is it a significant knowledge platform for international experts, but also the most important European B2B platform for display technologies. It is the most relevant networking event in the displays technologies industry, as well as a place where innovations are presented, and new products are launched.”

For more information on the electronic displays conference, visit: www.electronic-displays.de

intelligent.connected.embedded. – the innovators’ place to be

In line with this slogan, the embedded world exhibition & conference in Nuremberg offers the ideal setting for technical sessions covering all aspects of embedded design, applications for embedded hardware and software, and electronic displays. Once again this year, experts can look forward to six top-quality discussion rounds that are free of charge for all participants of embedded world 2022. The following expert rounds are scheduled for the various exhibitor forums:

•    21 June, 14:00, Hall 2: Embedded Security - The Reality Check / How Much Security Do We Need?

•    22 June, 11:30, Hall 2: Integration of Embedded Vision: Plug and Play or Plug and Pray?

•    22 June, 13:30, Hall 2: How Companies Can Drive Innovation

•    22 June, 16:30, Hall 1: Embedded AI: Why the Big Future of Machine Learning is Embedded

•    23 June, 11:30, Hall 5: Chip Shortage

•    23 June, 13:30, Hall 1: AI Ethics: From Principles to Engineering

embedded world unites the industry both live & online  

The two renowned technical conferences will be held in Nuremberg together with the world’s leading trade fair on embedded systems. “After embedded world could only be held virtually last year, we and our exhibitors are especially looking forward to meeting in person onsite at embedded world 2022. So in tandem with the embedded world conference and the electronic displays conference, this year’s show will be held entirely under the motto ‘reunited’!” explains Benedikt Weyerer, Executive Director, embedded world. The embedded world exhibition covers all aspects of embedded technologies, from components, modules and complete systems to operating systems and software, hardware and software development tools, and services. Highlights of embedded world 2022 will include several special areas focusing on trends and key topics such as M2M, embedded vision, IC & IP design, safety & security, electronic displays, expert panels, as well as the Startup Area and the embedded awards. Exhibitors will also be represented online for those that cannot attend in person with a digital exhibitor profile, product information and virtual sessions.

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