World’s first HD-PLC LSI compliant with IEEE 1901-2020 now available from Socionext

31 May 2022

Socionext SC1320A LSI sample view
Socionext SC1320A LSI sample view

State-of-the-art, compact, low power device supports existing & new IoT communication applications.

SoC (System-on-Chip) supplier, Socionext has announced sample shipments of the SC1320A HD-PLC communication LSI starting in June 2022, and plans to start volume production in the third quarter of 2022. This LSI (large scale integration) is the world's first semiconductor design using an IEEE 1901-2020 (the IEEE standard for broadband over power line networks) compliant IP core licensed by Panasonic Holdings Corporation.

Socionext will present the SC1320A LSI and evaluation kit at the HD-PLC Alliance booth at the JECA Fair 2022 held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 1 – 3, 2022.

•    SC1320A product information:

Socionext SC1320A LSI evaluation kit
Socionext SC1320A LSI evaluation kit

HD-PLC conforms to Standard IEEE 1901-2020

The High-Definition Power Line Communication (HD-PLC) is a wired communication technology that supports communication networks by superimposing high-frequency signals (2 ~ 28 MHz) over existing power lines, telephone lines, twisted-pair, coaxial cables, and other wire types. In 2021, the 4th generation of HD-PLC, published in the IEEE 1901 -2020 standard, specifies 1/2 and 1/4 transmission modes to enable longer distance communications. It is capable of facilitating a communication or network up to a reach of 10 km, when combined with multi-hop technology. With these new features, this advanced HD-PLC solution is expected to become more widely adopted in many different fields and new application areas.

SC1320A features & specifications

The SC1320A is the world's first LSI that adopts the 4th generation HD-PLC with an IP core that conforms to the IEEE 1901-2020 standard licensed by Panasonic Holdings Corporation.

Socionext SC1320A LSI specification overview
Socionext SC1320A LSI specification overview

Socionext's strength in advanced signal processing analogue front-end and circuit design technology enables implementation of the HD-PLC4 specification and features on the SC1320A, while maintaining very low power consumption (200 mW). It uses only a single 3.3V power supply and comes in a compact 7 x 7 mm package. This solution has built-in I/Os, such as SPI/UART and Ethernet MAC (RMII), allowing SC1320A to be easily embedded into home appliances, HEMS (home energy management systems) and IoT products.

Wide range of applications

SC1320A can be used for various daily life applications, including air conditioning, lighting control and building automation & management systems, smart home appliance and security control, and HEMS (home energy management systems).

Future development

Socionext SC1320A LSI applications
Socionext SC1320A LSI applications

Socionext has developed a radar sensor with a built-in high-level detection of a person’s position and movement, and SC1330A, an LPWAN 2.0 compatible, low-power and low-cost LSI for IoT tags. Socionext believes the combination of these solutions with the SC1320A LSI can deliver more value to IoT and smart connected systems and devices. For example, a high-sensitivity presence detection radar sensor can be used in a comprehensive hybrid communication network incorporating both the SC1320A and the SC1330A.

The small sized, low power SC1320A HD-PLC LSI helps companies develop high-end product at a lower cost. Socionext will continue to leverage the 4th generation HD-PLC benefits and features to create new technologies, values, and contribute to the future of Society 5.0.

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