Show preview: UKEmbedded – a new technical conference for the UK embedded design community

Author : Mark Gradwell | Editor | EPDT & Tanya Jane | Marketing Manager | Hitex

01 April 2022

UKEmbedded_May 2022
UKEmbedded_May 2022

As industry emerges from lockdown, EPDT Editor, Mark Gradwell talks to Tanya Jane, Marketing Manager at embedded systems expert, Hitex about their new technical conference for the UK embedded design community...

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90% of all microchips are installed in embedded systems – and the trend is rising. Powered by embedded electronics that provide intelligence, sensing and connectivity, even everyday devices such as coffee makers can now automatically complete cleaning routines and communicate with the user. It won’t be long before they will contact the manufacturer automatically for maintenance purposes or coffee delivery and ordering. This is the vision of the future – the Internet of Things (IoT). And the same is true for industrial applications too, the buzzword there being Industry 4.0.

Despite the rapid proliferation of embedded electronics and smart devices, however, full fruition of the IoT, Industry 4.0 and all the other ideas for embedded systems and solutions still has some way to go before it is a reality. Many technical requirements must be met and problems solved. The main challenges continue to be real-time requirements, functional safety – and, today’s most pressing issue: security in a connected world. How can embedded systems be safeguarded against external attacks?...

For years, Hitex has dedicated itself to helping build a safe and secure embedded world as a leading supplier of innovative and reliable software and hardware tools for embedded engineers. In addition, Hitex supports customers across all phases of their development projects, from concept to system realisation. And it’s also well known for running a range of technical conferences with agendas that focus on learning, sharing and networking, including events dedicated to ARM and Aurix tools.

Why UKEmbedded?
The UK embedded industry is a niche, yet well-defined landscape. It’s a close-knit community of professionals who, when given the chance to come together and explore new ideas and technological advances, help keep design and innovation high on the UK agenda.

Alongside the economic landscape, the UK embedded event calendar has changed dramatically over the last decade. There are fewer large exhibition style events, only a handful of medium sized, generic events and many smaller one-day technical conferences. The gulf between these micro-events and the medium-sized events is broad – and has created an opportunity to plug a gap. Engineers demand that time spent away from their desks is productive and application-led, not sales-led.

The team at Hitex therefore identified an opportunity to host a medium-sized technical conference, with the focus on a solid agenda of strong industry-led technical content, supported by an exhibition, hands-on workshops and training.

An open floor
UKEmbedded is aimed at the entire embedded industry, represented by an open and diverse profile of both speakers and exhibitors, drawn from silicon makers, software vendors, tools providers and distributors.

The audience
The day is designed for active engineers at all levels of experience, including entry-level engineers in their first roles, senior engineers exploring new boundaries, project managers, developers and designers.

Where & when
After being postponed due to COVID lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, UKEmbedded will now take place in Coventry on 12th May 2022. For more info, including session details, speakers and the full agenda, and to register for your free delegate place, visit:

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