LED signal lamps for industrial applications – bespoke & 'own brand' solutions

23 March 2022

CML_lighting for signalisation product portfolio
CML_lighting for signalisation product portfolio

Working with light since 1931, CML Innovative Technologies is a leader in the field of miniature lighting for signalisation. As one of the first companies to introduce LED lamps, nearly 30 years ago, CML now carries one of the broadest range of miniature lighting products in the world – with bespoke & 'own brand' solutions.

The CML product portfolio includes:

Lamps for signalisation
Because of their specific characteristics, incandescent and neon lamps remain an important element of the lighting market. However, LED Lamps provide a modern alternative to these product types with many advantages, such as long life, efficiency, vibration resistance and a wide varity of colours.

Panel mount indicators
CML's high-quality indicators are, in terms of cost and quality, a perfect alternative to traditional pilot lights with LED and incandescent signal lamps, IP67 versions, UL recognised and VDE certified versions all available.

With decades of partnership and European import of Kingbright branded LEDs, as well as acting as a distributor of OSA Opto Light, CML offers not only its own products, but also a very wide range of different through-hole and SMD (surface-mount device) LEDs.

LED displays
As a long-term partner and European importer of Kingbright branded LED displays, as well as a distributor of OSA Opto Light products, CML offers not only its own products, but also a very wide range of different through-hole and SMD (surface-mount device) LED displays.

Medical lamps
With more than 180 different lamps available, CML's range of medical lamps covers lighting requirements for a very wide range of medical equipment, including microscope lamps, slit lamps, operating theatre lamps and other light sources.

Aviation lamps
Including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, neon and PMA-approved LED lamps for aircraft of all types.

Custom projects
In addition to its very wide range of LED lamps, panel mount indicators, incandescent lamps, neon lamps and LED signal lights, CML also has the expertise and competence to develop optimal solutions for its customers' requirements in the field of signalling and lighting.

Each project is different and often cannot be satisfied by standard products. The reasons are many, but often lie in the cost structure or in the performance requirements. This is where the years of experience of CML's development team can help to find the optimal, customised solution for the application. This experience and expertise of the core competencies required for signalisation and illumination are demonstrated in the development of individual products. CML's expertise in terms of optics, power, thermal management, electronics and mechanics, in conjunction with the experience in prototyping, provide the ideal conditions for the optimum development to series production.

CML is a direct importer for Kingbright LEDs, LED displays and accessories. Together with Kingbright, CML can obtain the full range of LEDs, regardless of whether standard LEDs or customised and sophisticated LEDs are required. Each project is supervised by experienced project managers in ISO certified processes. This ensures effective and timely development processes.

The starting point of any project is the comprehensive, joint analysis of the application, to define specific requirements. The use of special software for the simulation of electrical, thermal and optical properties supports CML in developing the optimum solution.

With one of the largest high quality product lines in the specialised lighting sector, CML can deliver solutions across a range of market sectors.

LED, incandescent and neon lamps, plus LED panel mount indicators, IP67 UL approved.

Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, neon and PMA-FAA approved LED lamps for aircraft of all types.

EN 50155 approved LED lamps and custom designed LED reading spots and lamps.

Automotive illumination with our LED lamps, incandescent lamps, smart interior and ambient lighting solutions.

From bus to coach, CML LED lamps and illumination provide comfort and safety.

Specialised high quality medical lamps for a sensitive market.

Robust, long life and efficient lamps for demanding offshore applications.

Standard and coloured, low cost and long lasting incandescent lamps and LED products for gaming machines.

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