RAM’s cutting-edge packaging expertise pivotal to PCB embedded power system project

16 March 2022

RAM_Embedded die with direct plated connection, plus large area chip interconnect
RAM_Embedded die with direct plated connection, plus large area chip interconnect

Supply chain consortium set to bridge the gap between GaN semiconductor capabilities & OEM expectations.

The embedded die packaging (EDP) technology developed by RAM Innovations Ltd will play an essential role in a game-changing supply chain project that is now underway. The objective of P3EP (Pre-packaged Power Devices for PCB Embedded Power Electronics) is to leverage the performance advantages of Gallium Nitride (GaN), while delivering solutions in a way that meets the integration and scalability needs of the industrial, automotive and aerospace industries.   

The P3EP project is funded by the Driving the Electric Revolution challenge at UK Research & Innovation (UKRI). Joining RAM in the consortium are PPM Power, Cambridge GaN Devices, Camutronics, the Compound Semiconductor Application Catapult and TTPi. The companies will work together on enabling the development of compact and lightweight power conversion modules that draw on the accelerated switching speeds and heightened efficiencies that GaN enables. Modules that are up to 10x smaller than those produced using conventional Si transistors become possible. Starting with pre-packaged GaN dies, the project works through a phased program to develop the design and manufacturing processes and testing techniques needed to produce compact, modularised converter-in-package building blocks based on RAM’s multilayer embedded Power Plane methodology. By avoiding the use of conventional packages with wire bonds, parasitic losses are reduced dramatically. In addition, significant improvements in thermal dissipation can be made, thereby leading to greater operational reliability.

Among the various applications where these compact lightweight modules will be of value are DC-to-DC converters interfacing the high voltage batteries of electric vehicles (EVs) with their low voltage legacy electrical systems, cabin power distribution in passenger aircraft and power systems for industrial robotics.   

Though the potential of GaN to boost conversion efficiencies and increase power densities is universally acknowledged, making it practical for OEMs to use in their designs is still proving to be challenging,” states Nigel Salter, RAM Innovations’ newly appointed General Manager. “P3EP is all about establishing a robust and effective supply chain that will take the GaN devices being developed by innovative semiconductor vendors out of the lab and into the real world.

RAM_Large panel manufacturing
RAM_Large panel manufacturing

The automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors need access to module-based solutions that are simple for them to work with, and can be incorporated into existing production flows. These need to be readily available in high volumes,” adds Geoff Haynes, Product Development Manager at RAM. “Through our involvement in P3EP, we are helping to align the sourcing of wide bandgap power modules with the expectations of OEMs and systems integrators. This will mean there is a channel that they can constantly rely on, with the ability to quickly ramp up from initial samples to production level quantities.”     

About RAM Innovations

RAM Innovations is a bespoke R&D and manufacturing services provider that delivers leading embedded die packaging (EDP) solutions for electronics manufacturing. At our core, we are an organisation of technical professionals that are passionate about helping our customers to unlock the benefits of EDP through the research & development of innovative manufacturing technologies, processes and solutions. With our team of experts in the field we offer the highest level of expertise, as well as low-volume manufacturing of EDP with an option to scale up manufacturing volume. For more information, visit: www.ram-innovations.com


RAM_Half-bridge inverter with embedded GaN transistors
RAM_Half-bridge inverter with embedded GaN transistors

RAM is part of the Russel Industries group.

About Russel Industries

Russel Industries is a UK-based holding company that invests in and provides active leadership to a group of technology-oriented manufacturing businesses. The group currently consists of three businesses:  

•    Contract electronics manufacturer, Prima Electronic Services - www.primagroup.co.uk

•    Semiconductor die packaging specialist, RAM Innovations - www.ram-innovations.com

•    High-reliability battery solutions provider, Denchi - www.denchigroup.com

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