Information display systems for the transportation sector

Author : Paul Hooper | Sales & Marketing Director | Display Technology

01 March 2022


In a world where customers crave immediate information, service industries are utilising high end display technologies to satisfy expectations & demands. The transportation market is no exception, with rail & bus operators striving to implement the latest technological advances to enhance the passenger experience.

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Here, Paul Hooper, Sales & Marketing Director at displays & embedded computing specialist, Display Technology explains how their comprehensive understanding of and wealth of experience in providing modern display requirements for the transportation sector can help guide project engineers in adopting the best devices for their project needs...

Customised display solutions, coupled with powerful embedded systems, can improve the passenger experience, while at the same time, efficiency can deliver savings for transportation operators. Through first-hand experience working on contracts for some of the world’s leading system integrators in the rail and bus transportation sectors, Display Technology understands the characteristics and challenges involved when incorporating displays into passenger information systems with real time information.

Display Technology in the rail sector

One project for real time information incorporated a Litemax 43” 4309-B model as the base panel. The FHD 43-inch industrial-grade LCD panel has a peak brightness of 1800-2000 cd/m2 , enabling sharp text and vivid colours even in direct sunlight.

Litemax also has a 4309-A model with a 4K resolution (also known as Ultra High-Definition). For ease of installation, a full outdoor kit is provided, including a TFT controller board. This visually stunning 4K display has a peak brightness of 1800 cd/m2 , allowing for easy viewing in direct sunlight.

Display Technology can also offer an Ultra High Bright 3500 nit display at 163 Watts power consumption. This 4301-B display offers 100,000 hours MTBF and Hi-Tni 110 °C for anti-blackening in direct sunlight, offering enhanced durability and performance in the outdoor transportation market.

The value-add element Display Technology can offer also means that there is potential for custom or semi-custom solutions for volume projects.

Display Technology in the bus sector


Display Technology have also supplied embedded technology to work with real time bus data, allowing information to be shown in a matter of seconds or minutes, to ensure passengers are constantly updated with accurate data. This complements high bright displays, offering a minimum of 3000 cd/m2 , and DC to DC converters suitable for passenger information systems.

The high bright displays/monitors can show the preceding/next bus stops, as well as expected time of arrival and information on local transportation interchanges. This information is intended to make passenger travel easier, as well as offer them additional alternatives. The screens can also include local area information, including maps, local news and details about local events.

Litemax is the chosen manufacturing partner for these displays for the transportation sector portfolio. Taiwanese display maker, Litemax Electronics was formed in 2000 and is noted for its high-quality, leading-edge display technology. Litemax has established itself as a reliable brand, providing excellent digital signage solutions for the transportation sector. These displays have been rigorously designed to be ultra-efficient, trustworthy and in accordance with all necessary transportation industry standards.

Display Technology always works with customers to find the ideal solution for their transportation display requirement, from the start right through to the end. You can be confident that with the options available, including a specialised technical team for touch integration, we will ensure you find you the right solution.

Customised options include:

•  Sizes from 2.2” to 65”

•  Control via USB, I²C and RS232 interfaces

•  Glass thickness up to 15mm

•  Water, salt and blood detection

•  Customised tail position

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