Providing free prosthetic limbs to those in need: Arrow Electronics teams with Unlimited Tomorrow Global Initiative (UTGI)

16 February 2022

Unlimited Tomorrow Global Initiative-UTGI_Arrow-Electronics
Unlimited Tomorrow Global Initiative-UTGI_Arrow-Electronics

Electronic component distributor, Arrow Electronics is funding the donation of five prosthetic arms over two years to support Unlimited Tomorrow Global Initiative’s mission to make prosthetic limbs more accessible to those in need.

Unlimited Tomorrow Global Initiative (UTGI) is a non-profit organisation that is affiliated with Unlimited Tomorrow. Arrow will also provide support services to Unlimited Tomorrow, which produces a 3D printed prosthetic arm that is more personalised, more comfortable and more affordable than traditional prosthetic arms.

Weighing just 1.5 pounds, the bionic prosthetic arms made by Unlimited Tomorrow are designed as a mirror image of an individual’s missing limb and are available in hundreds of skin tones. They cost roughly $8,000 each, compared to as much as $80,000 for other conventional solutions.

Unlimited Tomorrow’s prosthetic arm, known as TrueLimb, uses ultra-precise sensors embedded within the socket of an individual’s residual limb to read and collect muscle data. This data then controls a number of grips and movements. The limb also vibrates when it makes contact with objects, providing users with a sense of touch, which makes it more intuitive to operate.


Unlimited Tomorrow’s technology was launched at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Arrow provided the company with early design, engineering and supply chain experience.

Arrow’s most recent donation will help advance UTGI’s goal to provide 1,000 prosthetic devices for those who can’t afford them. The organisation provided 70 limbs in 2021.

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