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Reduce ttm with Verotec’s ready to run integrated systems

01 December 2021


Verotec offers a range of standard bus-based VME & cPCI ready to run systems and their individual elements such as backplanes, power supplies & thermal management products.

Verotec offers standard cPCI and VME bus-based integrated systems in various configurations and sizes in both desktop and rack mount options for use either as development environments or volume production.

Horizontal versions are available in 1, 2 or 3U 19” sizes for rack mount, the system will be thermally managed, EMC screened, powered and complete with a standard bus architecture backplane, typically cPCI or VME64x. Built from standard elements from the Verotec range, they are based on an EMC screened KM6 subrack fitted with bespoke cooling arrangements and fitted with the appropriate backplane for the architecture for horizontal board mounting.

9U 10 Slot half width and 21 Slot full width desktop units are based on the elegant and field-proven Verotec Diplomat enclosure, housing a full 6U vertical card system with the additional lower 3U housing powerful fan trays.


For 19” vertical card rack mount systems, systems are available in heights of 4, 8, 9 and 12U, accepting 3U, 6U and 9U systems with the additional height dedicated to cooling, I/O and PSU requirements.

The modular design enables all elements of the system, the backplane, PSU, cooling and layout configuration to be user-defined, creating a unique hardware environment defined by a single part number.


Other standard systems for VPX and ATCA development requirements are also available.

All the individual standard elements of the integrated systems: backplanes, cPCI and general purpose power supplies and fan trays are available separately.

To discuss your specific requirements, call + 44 2380 246900 or mail sales@verotec.co.uk. For an overview of our Integrated Systems, visit: https://www.verotec.co.uk/standard-products/vme-cpc-systems-backplanes-power-supplies/

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