element14 hosts “Level-Up Your FPGA Skills: An Expert Panel Discussion”

23 November 2021

element14 hosts “Level-Up Your FPGA Skills: An Expert Panel Discussion”
element14 hosts “Level-Up Your FPGA Skills: An Expert Panel Discussion”

element14, an Avnet Community, has announced an upcoming webinar: 'Levelling-Up Your FPGA Skills: An Expert Panel Discussion'. During the session, experts from Xilinx, Microchip & Lattice will discuss the latest trends in FPGA, including future technology needs & design tool trends for engineers & designers to consider in new product designs. The pan

Over the course of the webinar, the expert panel will respond to several questions from members of the element14 Community, collected throughout element14’s Summer of FPGA events, including our first panel discussion: 'Getting Started with FPGAs'. They will also talk through the future of FPGA design tools and the future of FPGA devices. Avnet’s Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Tom Curran will moderate the panel. Panelists include:

•    Jayson Bethurem, Product Line Manager at Xilinx: With over 20 years of Xilinx design, technical support, training and marketing experience, Jayson leads the design of multiple evaluation boards
•    Martin Kellerman, Business Development Manager for FPGA at Microchip: Martin uses his deep FPGA experience to enable clients to build optimised systems and achieve their requirements using Microchip FPGAs and SoCs. In his previous roles at Xilinx, he has created several application notes and was also granted patents.
•    Steve Hossner, Senior Manager, Applications Engineering at Lattice: Steve has more than 20 years of experience using FPGAs and his team is also responsible for developing evaluation boards

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, December 15 from 5pm-6pm UK Time. Community members can register here: https://www.element14.com/community/events/5885/l/leveling-up-your-fpga-skills-an-expert-panel-discussion

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