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Verotec’s technically advanced & stylish desktop & portable metal enclosures

03 November 2021

Verotec desktop enclosures
Verotec desktop enclosures

Four families: Diplomat, LBX, Verotec Case & Total Access Case provide optimum packaging solutions for instrumentation & general electronics applications.

Our metal enclosures are ideal for instrumentation and general electronics applications, they provide a technical, yet aesthetic packaging solution. Available on short lead times, they come in many sizes and we can easily customise them in-house with machining and printing to suit your requirement.

Diplomat Case

•    Strong & robust metal construction

•    Attractive styling

•    10.5” & 19” case & Eurocard caseframes

•    Ventilation options

•    Quick release top & bottom covers

•    No visible fixings for security & a clean appearance

•    Extensive range of KM6 compatible accessories

•    Horizontal, vertical & plinthed versions

Verotec Diplomat Case
Verotec Diplomat Case

•    3U, 4U, 6U & 9U Heights

•    320mm, 420mm, 520mm & 620mm depths

•    Chassis supports & trays

•    Front & rear panel accessories

•    Swing handles, locking doors & earth kits

LBX Case

•    16 different sizes

•    3U/6U and 160/220mm Eurocard PCB compatible

•    Simple yet technically competent design

•    Easily modified front & rear panels

Verotec LBX Case
Verotec LBX Case

•    4HP, 6HP, 12HP & 24HP heights

•    Front panel & card guide accessories

•    DIN connector & chassis plate accessories

Verotec Case

•    Aesthetically pleasing design

•    19” or Eurocard PCB mounting versions

•    EMC & IP54 rated with sealing kit

•    Ventilation options

•    Single or two-tone colour scheme

•    Stackable with adjustable viewing angle

Verotec Case
Verotec Case

•    No visible fixings for security & a clean appearance

•    Full range of KM6 compatible accessories

•    1U, 2U, 3U & 6U heights

•    260, 300, 400 & 500mm depths

•    10.5” & 19” widths

•    Ventilated & unventilated versions

Total Access Case

•    5 different sizes

•    Robust construction with easy access

•    Tilt feet to adjust viewing angle

Verotec TAC_Total Access Case
Verotec TAC_Total Access Case

•    Easily modified front & rear panels

•    205mm, 342mm & 430mm widths

•    260mm depth, 70mm, 100mm & 150mm heights

•    Card guide accessories

•    Chassis plate & mounting kit accessories

We can customise all our metal enclosures to meet the needs of your project. Our in-house capabilities include digital printing, CNC drilling and milling of holes, cut-outs, ventilation slots and recesses to accept components such as switches, connectors, displays and indicators.

Visit https://www.verotec.co.uk/standard-products/desktop-portable-metal-enclosures/ where you can download full technical information about all our various enclosure product families.

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