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04 September 2008

TUV and UL approved medical isolating transformers manufactured by REO are featured in a new publication released by the company.

The publication details the requirements of the mandatory EN60601-1-1 standard for electronic/electric equipment used in the patient environment. It then explains the role that the medical isolation transformer can play in meeting the safety standard by minimising the potential hazards caused by touch voltages and by ensuring that under single fault conditions there is still continuity of supply.

There are examples of where isolating medical transformers are required, such as a mobile laser Doppler system trolley and operating theatre, and looks at possible solutions for standard compliance.

The publication also looks at the construction of transformers designed to satisfy EN60601-1-1 and examines the advantages offered by REO’s UL and TUV approved toroidal transformers in achieving the standard.

REO’s medical transformers are available in single and three phase versions and cover ratings from 100VA/8000VA to 3150VA/8000VA respectively.
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