Dialog delivers WiRa-enabled solution to enhance Carnival Corp’s OceanMedallion IoT wearable

23 August 2021

Dialog’s Flash, GreenPAK & Bluetooth LE technology unlock a winning combination for the Princess MedallionClass experience
Dialog’s Flash, GreenPAK & Bluetooth LE technology unlock a winning combination for the Princess MedallionClass experience

OceanMedallion smart wearable device for Carnival Corporation cruise passengers offers proximity-based locationing to help ensure passenger safety, especially in the face of new COVID-19 requirements & regulations, as well as enhanced services – powered by Dialog Semiconductor technologies, including WiRa (Wireless Ranging) & Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE).

UK-based semiconductor firm focused on battery & power management, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® & industrial edge computing solutions, Dialog Semiconductor has announced its partnership with British-American cruise operator, Carnival Corporation, currently the world's largest travel leisure company, with a combined fleet of over 100 vessels across 10 cruise line brands, to integrate Dialog’s Wireless Ranging (WiRa™) technology into Carnival’s OceanMedallion™ wearable devices for proximity-based locationing to help ensure passenger safety and offer enhanced cruise services.

Originally unveiled in 2017, the Medallion™ device connects passengers on Princess® MedallionClass® cruise ships into its Experience Internet of Things (xIoT™) intelligent, shipboard ecosystem to enhance crew-passenger interactions with unprecedented levels of personalised passenger services. The award-winning wearable elevates the guest experience by enabling touchless embarkation and disembarkation, frictionless commerce and keyless stateroom entry, as well as service on demand; dynamic way-finding; family and friends locator; first-run movies on the go; an interactive events and activities planner; and interactive fun.

Given new requirements and regulations involving COVID-19, Princess is utilising Dialog’s WiRa technology to enable higher accuracy ranging between Medallions, when compared with RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indication)-based technology, thereby improving the company’s ability to protect passengers from exposure to infection.

Dialog’s WiRa technology offers fine-grain, phase-based ranging performance approaching UWB (ultra-wideband) accuracy, while using significantly lower power, extending battery life and lowering solution cost, including advanced and proprietary algorithms to deliver enhanced performance. This is especially important on ships built from steel, where wireless signals are easily reflected, which can cause errors in distance estimation and require advanced, multipath cancellation techniques. To implement WiRa and advanced multipath cancellation, Carnival turned to Dialog’s well acclaimed DA14697 Bluetooth LE SoC. The DA1469x family is the market leader for wearables, offering the highest integration while also providing the optimum processing performance.

In addition to Dialog’s DA1469x Bluetooth LE SoC, Carnival also selected Dialog’s AT25FF series SPI NOR Flash and SLG46108V GreenPAK™ technology. The AT25FF offers an ultra-deep hibernation mode, consuming less than 7nA for extended Medallion battery life. Dialog’s SLG46108V, GreenPAK technology maximises the Bluetooth LE SoC’s sleep time, further increasing battery life, while also reducing the PCB area needed.

These technologies including WiRa™, which I am particularly proud to deliver, significantly outperform competing solutions in challenging environments such as cruise ships or safety and asset tracking type applications,” said Sean McGrath, Senior VP & General Manager, Connectivity & Audio Business Group at Dialog Semiconductor. “With this winning Dialog combo solution of Flash, GreenPAK and Bluetooth low energy in the Medallion, Princess delivers a game-changing, personalized experience as passengers get back to cruising.

The OCEAN Platform powering the Princess MedallionClass Experience and further advancing its market leadership with unmatched customer service innovations. The  OceanMedallion was initially developed to enrich guest-crew interactions and democratize elite travel experiences,” said John Padgett, Chief Experience & Innovation Officer for Carnival Corporation. “Partnering with Dialog further enhances the performance of these wearable devices as we expand the OCEAN Platform to power all aspects of the guest experience, service operations, security, health and safety processes.

For more information, please visit: https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/applications/asset-and-people-tracking

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