Anglia enhances post-COVID sterilisation solutions with UVC LED partnership

12 July 2021

The new partnership between Anglia & Bolb caters to the increased demand for UVC LEDs in sanitisation devices
The new partnership between Anglia & Bolb caters to the increased demand for UVC LEDs in sanitisation devices

Electronics distributor, Anglia Components is expanding its range of ultraviolet LED solutions through a new partnership with Bolb, a developer of some of the most efficient & high performance UVC LEDs in the industry. The new range of components caters to the increased demand for sanitisation devices as lockdown lifts.

Ling Zhou, co-founder & CEO of Bolb said: “We are delighted to begin this partnership with Anglia, a respected supplier to the UK & Ireland. Bolb UVC LEDs are now being integrated into a new generation of portable and home appliances, medical devices and industrial processing equipment for the benefit of a healthier world. We look forward to assisting Anglia customers with such vital, and potentially life-saving, designs.

Commenting on the partnership, John Bowman, Marketing Director at Anglia added: “UVC LEDs are gaining attention because they provide robust, toxic-free disinfection. The addition of Bolb's exceptional products to Anglia's line up is an important step as we look to offer customers innovative solutions for sterilisation that will play an important role in the post-COVID world.

Bolb UVC LEDs boast industry leading power output >100mW at 250mA drive currents for a single chip and they have an industry leading lifetime with an L70 of more than 3000 hours. These impressive results are achieved through a manufacturing process that gives efficient light extraction and superior wall plug efficiency of currently greater than 7.5% with a technology entitlement far greater than that in the near future. Bolb packages its UVC LEDs in the industry standard 3535 and 6060 packages, but they have also developed a range of modules around these packaged UVC LEDs that integrate single or multiple devices (arrays) onto a PCB complete with drivers and lenses to make it easy for customers to integrate UVC technology safely into their products.

Anglia is supporting the new line with inventory on the most popular parts, which are available from Anglia Live. The Anglia team has been fully trained on the product portfolio and is on hand to support customer designs.

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