Circular connectors meet the needs of the IIoT

Author : David Phillips | Managing Director | binder UK

01 July 2021

binder M12 with Integrated LED
binder M12 with Integrated LED

The IIoT is comprised of smart devices & machines that enable a highly autonomous manufacturing industry – and the number of connected IIoT units is expected to grow by 180% over the next 4 years, according to a new report from mobile & digital technology market research & business intelligence analysts, Juniper Research.

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It estimates that from the 17.7 billion deployed today, there will be more than 36.8 billion active IIoT devices by 2025. In addition to Industry 4.0, other key drivers will be 5G and growth in low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), which can provide long-range communications to connected devices, such as remote battery-operated sensors, and be used for asset tracking.

A key component in such systems will be interconnect technologies, explains David Phillips, Managing Director at specialists in circular connectors for industrial & automation technology, binder UK

In the growing world of Industry 4.0, the IIoT (industrial internet of things) offers more than simply data collection and transmission. It can provide complete visibility and control of virtually all electromechanical factors across the manufacturing process. Sensor networks allow plant operators to discover unused capacity, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, improve safety and maximise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Condition monitoring and analysis of plant equipment, including operating temperature, vibration or sound frequencies can be transmitted to a central location, or the cloud, where decision makers can access it from anywhere in the world.

Reliable high-speed connectors are critical components in the roll out of Industry 4.0, requiring the ability to deliver high-reliability performance and immunity against electromagnetic interference (EMI) in harsh environments that include dust, noise, temperature changes and vibration. In some industries, such as food and beverage processing, there is the additional challenge of frequent high pressure washdowns.

Reliable connectivity  is vital

binder M12 Group
binder M12 Group

The deployment of IIoT and Industry 4.0 systems makes new demands on the connectivity components that enable these networked devices to function reliably. Key requirements include the ability to handle higher data speeds and higher frequency performance, combined with reduced form factors, improved robustness and reliability, and higher immunity against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Providing the vital link between the cables carrying data and the smart devices that record and communicate the collected information, the latest connector designs are now able to support the gigabit data requirements of the fastest sensors and the system or machine builder’s growing demands for smaller footprint control systems and decentralised machine control.

M12 connectors are the ideal solution

First introduced in 1985, the M12 connector was originally used in the automotive industry and has long been established as one of the most reliable connectors for industrial applications. The M12 has now become the industry standard connector for factory automation, autonomous robotics, communication, measurement & control, and many other applications.

binder’s versatile M12 connectors meet the needs of the IIoT

Whether on the factory floor or in the field, installers and service engineers need to be able to disconnect existing connectors for maintenance and install new connectors on newly laid cables simply and quickly, especially where connections must remain dust-free or water-tight. M12 connectors are simple to install and clearly coded (outlined below) to reduce the chance of accidental mis-mating.

M12 coding for signal & data transmission...

M12 coding for power supplies...

binder M12 F&B FDA
binder M12 F&B FDA

4 key reasons why M12 connectors are the smart choice for Industry 4.0

1. Unrivalled ruggedness...

2. Lifetime...

3. EMI shielding...

4. Compact size...

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