‘Breaking Through the Noise of 5G in Europe’ webinar series to be hosted by Resonant

08 July 2021


Panel of industry experts, with experience at Broadcom, Apple, Microsoft, the Wi-Fi Alliance, Qorvo & Skyworks, to discuss the current state of next generation wireless technologies, 5G in Europe, and implications for European consumers.

RF filter expert, Resonant, a provider of radio frequency (RF) filter solutions developed on a robust intellectual property (IP) platform, will host a two-part “Breaking Through the Noise of 5G in Europe” webinar series on July 20 and 22, 2021. The educational webinars will feature industry experts who will discuss the evolution from 1G to 5G, drivers of 5G adoption, the continued role of 4G, next-generation Wi-Fi and the technologies that enable ‘true’ 5G, with particular emphasis on the status of 5G in Europe.

The two-part event will feature a panel of industry veterans with extensive backgrounds at companies such as Broadcom, Apple, Microsoft, the Wi-Fi Alliance, Qorvo and Skyworks, among others.

The two-part webinar will take place as follows:

Expert Insights on Unlocking the Potential of 5G in Europe
This introductory webinar is targeted to those wanting to learn the basics behind 5G and the technology enabling its deployment from a panel of leading industry experts.
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Time: 4:30pm Eastern Standard (US) Time (9.30pm UK time)
Webcast: https://wsw.com/webcast/resn/resn1/1764312

The Technology Enabling Europe's Transition to 5G
This advanced webinar is targeted to those who have an understanding or want to learn more about the RF Front End, which will focus more on the technical specifics behind the enablement of 5G.
Date: Thursday, July 22, 2021
Time: 4:30pm Eastern Standard (US) Time (9.30pm UK time)
Webcast: https://wsw.com/webcast/resn/resn2/1765616

To register for either or both events, you can use the respective links above. The webcasts will also be available on demand at the same links after the live broadcasts.

Live audio webcasts of the "Breaking Through the Noise of 5G in Europe" series will be accessible via the webcast links above. A replay for each of the "Breaking Through the Noise of 5G in Europe" series will be accessible via the webcast links above, or via the Company's investor relations website at www.resonant.com

About Resonant Inc.
Resonant is transforming the market for RF front-ends (RFFE) by disrupting the RFFE supply chain through the delivery of solutions that leverage our WaveX™ design software tools platform, capitalise on the breadth of our IP portfolio, and are delivered through our services offerings. In a market that is critically constrained by limited designers, tools and capacity, Resonant addresses these critical problems by providing customers with ever increasing design efficiency, reduced time-to-market and lower unit costs. Customers leverage Resonant's disruptive capabilities to design cutting edge filters and modules, while capitalising on the added stability of a diverse supply chain through Resonant's fabless ecosystem – the first of its kind. Working with Resonant, customers enhance the connectivity of current mobile devices, while preparing for the demands of emerging 5G applications.

About Resonant's WaveX™ design technology
Resonant creates designs for difficult RF frequency bands and modules that meet challenging and complex 5G, Wi-Fi and UWB RF front-end requirements. Using WaveX™, Resonant's designs have the potential to be developed in half the time and manufactured at a lower cost than traditional approaches. WaveX™ is a suite of proprietary algorithms, software design tools and network synthesis techniques that enables Resonant to explore a much larger set of possible design solutions.

Resonant delivers rapid design simulations to its customers, which they manufacture in their captive fabs or have manufactured by one of Resonant's foundry partners. These improved solutions still use Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) or Temperature Compensated Surface Acoustic Wave (TC-SAW) technologies with the performance of higher cost manufacturing methods like Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW).

Resonant's WaveX™ delivers excellent predictability, enabling achievement of the desired product performance in roughly half as many turns through the fab. In addition, Resonant's simulations model fundamental material and structure properties, which makes integration with foundry and fab customers much more intuitive, because they speak the "fab language" of basic material properties and dimensions

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