Configurable DeviceOn Module drastically cuts wireless sensor development time

26 May 2021


Compact, low-power WISE-1510-DOM module from Advantech comes ready-to-use out-of-the-box, with no programming required.

Industrial IoT & embedded computing specialist, Advantech Europe has launched its WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module, a new certified wireless module for instant sensor-to-cloud connectivity, delivered in a compact industry-standard form factor and ready-to-use with no programming required.

The DeviceOn Module family of modules is a ready-to-use combination of hardware modules and smart device firmware, enabling rapid deployment of custom or semi-custom sensors.

The fields of use are almost endless – this modular approach for smart sensor solutions means that sensor OEMs can concentrate on their core business around the sensing technology, while leveraging Advantech’s capabilities in data transformation and transfer.

Potential applications include cold chain/refrigerator monitoring, smart waste management, asset tracking, smart agriculture and smart street lighting.

The WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module is a 22mm x 30mm M2.COM-compliant module that contains a wireless modem, MHF4 antenna connector, Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor, and various I/O interfaces for sensors. The module is ready to be used on either standard Advantech or custom carrier boards, while the wireless connectivity and sensor interfaces can be easily configured through a graphical user interface.

With WISE-1510-DOM, sensor designers can easily integrate LoRaWAN® long-range connectivity into their devices. The module consumes low-power in transmit and receive modes, and has a deep-sleep mode drawing just 36µA. Variants supporting cellular NB-IoT/LTE-M, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, and other standards will become available soon.

Advantech’s WISE-DeviceOn firmware is already integrated. The DeviceOn firmware stack provides all the software functionality needed to interface with a wide range of supported sensors, permitting dynamic sensor configuration like names and thresholds, sensor and event handling as well as data caching. Multiple interfaces are provided for sensor and I/O control, including one UART (optional), GPIOs, four ADC channels, PWM, SPI, and I2C. Configuration or firmware updates can simply be performed via USB.

The DeviceOn server layer can be hosted on any platform, Advantech provides default integrations for Microsoft Azure and WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS (the Advantech cloud platform) and interfaces to other cloud platforms such as Google or AWS, as well as On Premise support, either utilising your own IT infrastructure or dedicated DeviceOn server hardware from Advantech.

Advantech also offers a choice of three compatible DeviceOn Module sensor boards that further assist with fast-tracking sensor development. These comprise the DOM-SB-001 for temperature, humidity and brightness sensing, the DOM-SB-003 that combines a brightness sensor with a time-of-flight proximity and ranging sensor, and the DOM-SB-004 for air-quality and brightness sensing.

An evaluation kit is available in three configurations to get you up and running without any additional hardware; a boards only option, the boards with an enclosure, or the boards with an enclosure and a WISE-6610-E100-A LoRaWAN gateway allowing scalability up to 100 nodes.

If customers need project and design support to customise your sensor solution, Advantech offers cutting-edge design and manufacturing services for bespoke requirements, handled locally by European design centres and teams. For further information, please visit: or

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