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Smart battery management ensures power for industrial/comms

19 May 2021

Relec_Adel_CBI_DC-UPS Range2_580x280.jpg
Relec_Adel_CBI_DC-UPS Range2_580x280.jpg

Adel Systems’ CBI series of DC-UPS combine DIN rail power & battery management in a single module. The CBI series is available from Relec Electronics.

Offering reliable power management in industrial applications, the CBI series of DIN rail mount DC UPS uses smart battery management to maintain available power in critical applications, from process control and machinery to security and communications.

The DC-UPS system uses multi-stage charging to adapt power levels as the battery’s status changes; even when close to 0V, the battery can be recharged for a full recovery. Managing available power protects against outages and ensures uninterrupted operation without requiring an external battery.

The intelligent management system also includes a power boost mode which allows the load current to be twice the rated output current for continuous operation and three times the rated current for a period of four seconds to power highly inductive loads, for example machinery and motors in industrial applications.

For applications which do not run continuously over 24 hours, a time buffering feature allows the user to select the length of time the system will run following a mains failure.

An over-ride system distinguishes the CBI series from other DC-UPS systems available today. It restarts the battery without mains power using the RTCONN cable or via a pushbutton on the front panel.

Additionally, automatic multi-stage charging and real-time diagnostics are also integrated for fast recharge and recovery of discharged batteries.

The DC-UPS uses the ADELBus communication protocol to monitor and control system parameters either locally or remotely, via the internet.

The CBI series modules can charge any battery chemistry (including open and sealed lead acid, lead gel, Ni-Cd and Li-Ion) and they can be customised if required. System charge voltage can be adjusted using an externally connected sensor to extend battery life.

Continuous monitoring of the batteries, such as checking for internal impedance, reverse polarity connector and for battery connection, determines the battery’s condition in real time.

Adel Systems’ DC-UPS modules range from 90 to 305Vac input and 36 to 500 Watts output. They are available now from Relec Electronics.

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