EPDT April 2021 issue (inc. Power & Automotive features) now available online

Author : Mark Gradwell | Editor | EPDT

02 April 2021

EPDT April 2021 cover image

This month’s issue, now available in print or digital editions, contains features on Power technologies & Automotive applications, as well as editorial discussing the new UNESCO Engineering Report, ‘Engineering for Sustainable Development’, published on World Engineering Day...

My Editor's Comment this month considers how, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic & World Engineering Day, engineering heroes can help solve the grand challenges facing humanity... (p4 digital issue or web version).

As the transition towards EVs accelerates, our cover story (p27 digital issue or web version) explores production challenges for manufacturers of EV battery packs.

Sticking with Power, we review how semiconductor manufacturers are helping engineers overcome the challenges of new wide bandgap materials to build the benefits of GaN into their power circuitry designs (p10 digital issue or web version); we include a tutorial guide to the selection & application of fuses (p14 digital issue or web version); we outline the vital role of EMC filters in the build-out of charging infrastructure for EVs (p16 digital issue or web version); and we consider how the recent lowering price trend for supercapacitors is offering an attractive alternative to lead-acid batteries for industrial DC-UPS modules (p20 digital issue or web version).

For Automotive, we explore how design engineers can ensure LiDAR offers the highest levels of reliability, resolution, precision & response time as they develop sensor fusion systems for autonomous vehicles (p6 digital issue or web version); we explain how modern, carefully formulated conformal coatings are helping automotive electronics manufacturers deliver high-reliability, long-life products for a particularly demanding customer base (p22 digital issue or web version); and we discuss how best to protect the myriad of sensors now being deployed throughout vehicles to meet evolving security, efficiency & environmental standards (p25 digital issue or web version).

And finally, for T&M, as automotive manufacturers invest heavily in EV & charging infrastructure R&D: we explore testing methods & standards for batteries (p30 digital issue or web version); and we consider how best to support rigorous testing of a broad range of technologies at every stage of development (p32 digital issue or web version).

As always, I hope you enjoy the issue – and I’d love to hear what you think or any ideas for topics you’d like EPDT to cover in the future. You can email me at mark.gradwell@imlgroup.co.uk...

Mark Gradwell

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