New alliance for technology-driven green innovation in rail operations

24 February 2021

CATO: Proven in use | IORE Malmbanen | (c)  David Gubler (

Railways globally are challenged to meet constant growing pressure to provide greater capacity & improved service performance, while also reducing investment & costs. Such pressure is driven by increasingly ambitious sustainability targets. A new alliance offers technology-driven solutions to address these challenges.

Transrail and Railergy have a common focus to provide efficient solutions to all stakeholders in the railways. This includes intelligent digital solutions for rapid improvements in areas such as sustainability, punctuality, capacity, costs and attractivity to customers.

The two companies have very similar focus in this field, but complementary technologies and market contacts. The co-operation brings creative synergies for innovative and cost-efficient solutions for the needs of the railway industry in the field of traffic control, signaling, green DAS (Driver Advisory System) and green ATO (Automatic Train Operation). This will cover new projects, but also upgrades of existing systems, which is the more sustainable option in many cases.

Per Leander, CEO of Transrail underlines the benefits of the collaboration: "The experience of Railergy within train control, signaling and ATO, and their credibility in Central Europe, were driving factors for our decision to co-operate with them. Railergy has also a good position on the African market, which is of interest to us as part of our global offer."

Jakob Gärtner, CEO of Railergy sees huge potential: "We are convinced that Transrail's CATO (Computer-Aided Train Operation) system is the ideal solution for improving operations in all types of railway operations. It is proven and reliable and has been in use in complex operations for 10 years. With a very limited investment, customers can achieve significant improvements. The CATO technology is ideal to integrate with our ATO platform."

About Transrail
Transrail Sweden AB is a Swedish company. Transrail’s products are built on decades of experience in traction system design and consulting in rail technology and operations. Today Transrail’s focus is on C-DAS (Connected Driver Advisory System), ICC (Intelligent Cruise Control) and ATO (Automatic Train Operation) solutions for punctual, high capacity, green and cost-efficient operations.

About Railergy
Railergy is a solutions provider in the fields of ATO (Automatic Train Operation), (ETCS European Train Control System), ATP (Automatic Train Protection) and TCMS (Train Control & Management System) systems, based on innovative approaches and technologies. Railergy is also a specialist in retrofit solutions for TCMS, ETCS and ATO. Increasing capacity and flexibility, reducing operating costs and making ETCS affordable for the railway industry are strategic objectives of Railergy.

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