Intretech UK helps businesses get to manufacturing faster with custom automation solutions & robotics

23 March 2021

Intretech custom robotics working in tandem

Intretech UK Ltd is enabling businesses to greatly reduce operational costs & increase profit margins through the use of customised automation & collaborative robots (cobots) to optimise product testing & get to manufacturing faster.

With design engineering and manufacturing capability in the UK, Hungary, Malaysia and China, Intretech UK is able to deliver customised full automation lines and robotics in less than six months, with an average expected return-on-investment (ROI) in less than 12 months.

Intretech UK helps to accelerate product testing by the use of automation and robotics to understand product robustness, using test data to analyse potential failures before they happen, and thus, reducing costs associated with product returns by up to 25%.

Ashley Sayed, CEO of Intretech UK, who has over two decades’ experience in delivering high volume consumer and medical products to the market for companies such as Philips, TomTom and Motorola, says: “We know the difficulties that businesses face today with Brexit, COVID-19 and the ever-changing pace of technology. Business leaders are assessing what they need to do in order to remain profitable in a volatile, uncertain and often complex environment.

Intretech UK understands these challenges and we aim to use our knowledge and expertise in automation and robotics to help businesses optimise in the areas of product testing and product manufacturing at high volume.

We are working with SMEs and large corporates who understand the potential for greater profitability that automation brings to their businesses.

Our goal is to provide custom machines that can be deployed anywhere in the world, enabling any business to set up their own product testing and manufacturing facilities, and not have to outsource and deal with the associated travel costs and language barriers.

Intretech UK is part of the Intretech Xiamen Inc. group. Founded in 2011, Intretech Xiamen is listed in the Shenzhen stock exchange with an annual $500 million turnover. With factories strategically based in China, Malaysia and Hungary, employing over 5,000 staff, it delivers highly complex products in contract manufacturing and original design manufacture models.

Intretech UK cobots are designed to be easily installed and operated in the presence of workers, without the need for physical safety measures such as cages or fences. According to market research provider for the intelligent automation sector, Interact Analysis' Collaborative Robot Market (3rd Edition) Report, in 2019, more than 22,000 new collaborative robots were deployed globally, up 19% compared to the previous year. The demand for collaborative robots is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17% between 2020 and 2025, while the value of global cobot sales is expected to increase from an estimated $~0.7 billion in 2019 to $~1.4 billion by 2025.

Intretech UK design engineering team are now working with businesses within the consumer electronics, medical and industrial manufacturing sectors to deliver accelerated lifecycle testing (ALT) and targeting bottlenecks on production lines to make the biggest impact on operational costs and manufacturing output.

For more information, visit Intretech UK website at: and watch our launch video at:

Intretech is ISO 9001/13484/14001/17025 approved and is rated amongst the top 50 contract manufacturers by revenue.

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