Smart parcel shipping without waste – enabled by sensor technologies

07 January 2021


Environmental sensors expert, Sensirion has announced that reusable smart packaging start-up, LivingPackets uses its humidity & temperature sensors in its revolutionary & sustainable packaging solution, “THE BOX”. Through the use of such innovations, packaging waste can be greatly reduced in over 100 billion deliveries annually.

It is well known that society’s high consumption and the associated plastic and waste production are a burden on the planet. More than eight million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year, among other things due to filling material from packaging. In addition, more than 700 million trees are felled to produce cardboard packaging for online trade. The company LivingPackets wants to address this problem and is taking the path to a more ecological future with a reusable and smart box.

“THE BOX” consists of extremely resistant material. It can be recycled without limit and can survive up to 1,000 transport trips before it has to be reprocessed. In addition, the packaging offers tracking possibilities and the transport can easily be tracked via an app. This functionality is especially useful for high-quality goods.

The climatic conditions of the goods are also reliably monitored. Two SHT3x humidity and temperature sensors from Sensirion are used for this purpose. Thanks to the sensors’ small size of only 2.5 × 2.5 × 0.9 mm3, the humidity and temperature sensors are easily integrated into the inside and outside boxes. The high-precision and reliable sensors ensure that optimum humidity and constant temperature can be guaranteed even when transporting sensitive and valuable goods.

By integrating Sensirion’s SHT3x digital sensor, we are able to offer a service that was previously not possible with package deliveries. We can now monitor temperature and humidity throughout the entire delivery period and inform the sender and receiver about it,” says Fabian Kliem, Co-CEO of LivingPackets. “This is particularly interesting when shipping sensitive contents such as laboratory preparations. The next generation of “THE BOX” will also be equipped with the latest humidity and temperature sensor SHT4x from Sensirion.

We are convinced that sustainable and innovative companies like LivingPackets can improve the ecological balance with their products. For this reason, we are happy to support products like “THE BOX” with our innovative sensor solutions,” says Stephan Richter, Director of Sales at Sensirion. “As innovation pioneers in the field of sensor technology, we want to solve existing problems in applications. LivingPackets also has this approach, which makes them an ideal partner.

About LivingPackets
LivingPackets is a European start-up that develops the package of the future. The company was founded in 2016 and, with THE BOX, offers an intelligent shipping package that can be used over and over again, giving users complete control over their delivery and eliminating the need for packaging material. The goal of LivingPackets is to significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials in the mail order business while providing a much more convenient and secure delivery experience for businesses and consumers.

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