Precise air movement aids the fight against COVID-19

Author : John Roe | Managing Director | Micronel

01 January 2021

Micronel Fans & Blowers_COVID19_580x280
Micronel Fans & Blowers_COVID19_580x280

The emerging & evolving vaccine news, albeit perhaps still early days, should bring us all optimism of a reduction in COVID-19 disruption & some subsequent economic recovery in the Spring, once we have navigated the cold indoor months. In the meantime, the global response to the novel coronavirus & new disease, COVID-19 continues across multiple fronts.

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Here, John Roe, Managing Director at miniature fan & blower technology company, Micronel tells us how its high pressure medical line blowers and turbine technologies are being widely deployed in a range of critical COVID-19-related medical and scientific equipment that require precise air movement in the fight against the virus…

Applications such as breathing therapy, ventilators, respirators, personal protection, ICU hospital beds, air purification, disinfection, air sampling, laboratory, and diagnostic & test all require some form of air movement, with significant pressure or suction (vacuum) to force air through airways, tubes and chambers or overcome system/filter resistance.

Micronel’s blower range is perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of medical breathing ventilation therapy. The clinical view is constantly evolving, and ventilator treatment and survival rates have improved considerably since March 2020, in combination with the latest drug therapy treatments. Micronel’s medical line blowers are space-saving, high-performance turbines that share similar PQ (pressure versus airflow) output characteristics and mounting geometries, offering designers the advantage of modular motor options to match specific ventilation therapies and functionality/cost requirements. Well-balanced, super-low mass rotor/impellor systems enable virtually vibration-free operation and best-in-class dynamic responsiveness. The brushless motorised impeller and airway systems have been aerodynamically perfected to provide high efficiency and ultra-quiet operation, coupled with high reliability and life expectancy.

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