iCatch announces M3 ISP Series for automotive camera module

14 December 2020

iCatch Announces M3 ISP Series for Automotive Camera Module_580x280

iCatch Technology, a leader in edge AI implementation, digital image processing chip technology & connected security device solutions, has announced its new ISP chip solution platform – M3 series for camera modules specific to automotive & industrial applications.

In the domain of advanced automotive applications, ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) and AD (autonomous driving) technologies currently reply on camera modules and radar as the major integrated solution and design direction. For capturing road conditions in real time, the requirements of automotive camera modules in image quality, wide dynamic range, stability and power consumption are getting higher and higher, so that the AI engine inside the ECU can sense the peripheral environment of the car and achieve autonomous driving safely.

In the after-market, automotive camera modules have multiple choices of transition interface. The M3 chip embeds an analogue high definition (AHD) TX interface which is compatible to several popular specifications in the industry. For the other transmission interfaces, it can be easily connected through MIPI-CSI2 or DVP interface converter.

Key features:

•    1080p30 96db wide dynamic range

•    2D/3D noise reduction engine

•    Image distortion correction and distorted multi-perspective projection


•    Support analogue HD signal, 4-lane MIPI-CSI2, sLVDS and HiSPi serial interfaces

•    Ultra-low power consumption (<150mA/5V including HDR and Dewarp)

•    Ultra-low latency (<30mS HD 1080P60)

•    Ultra-fast boot (<200ms)

The M3 is iCatch's latest image signal processor for automotive imaging. Its wide dynamic image synthesis processing and high-performance noise reduction engine can provide clear and high resolution images for the driver or electronic control unit (ECU) to make decisions accordingly. The M3 supports multiple video transmission interfaces, which allow customers to maintain flexibility in system design and save costs. Its ultra-low power consumption feature can improve the system stability of the camera module under severe environment and conditions. In addition, M3's low latency feature is very important for the application of e-mirror, since it can ensure the driver to see the instantaneous conditions around the car when making judgements.


iCatch is committed to developing image processing and AI chip solutions to solve existing pain points in various application markets. The image processing chip M3 is a solution platform developed for the automotive imaging market. At present, iCatch collaborates with the supplier of automotive camera modules actively to develop a new generation of automotive camera modules based on M3 solution platform to enhance user experience and safety greatly.

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