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Analog Devices AD7134 4-Channel Precision ADC

31 January 2021

Analog Devices AD7134 4-Channel Precision ADC

A quad channel, low noise, simultaneous sampling, precision ADC that delivers on functionality, performance & ease of use, the AD7134 has four independent converter channels in parallel, each with a CTSD modulator and a digital decimation & filtering path.

The AD7134 enables simultaneous sampling of four separate signal sources, each supporting a maximum input bandwidth of 391.5kHz and achieving tight phase matching between these four signal measurements. The high level of channel integration, together with its simplified analogue front-end requirement, enables the AD7134 to provide a high-density multichannel data acquisition solution in a small form factor.

Based on the continuous-time sigma-delta (CTSD) modulation scheme, the AD7134 removes the traditionally required switched capacitor circuitry sampling preceding the S-? modulator. This feature leads to a relaxation of the ADC input driving requirement. The Analog Devices AD7134 CTSD architecture also inherently rejects signals with 102.5dB (typical in high-performance mode) around the ADC aliasing frequency band, giving the device its inherent antialiasing capability, and removes the need for a complex external antialiasing filter.

Multiple options for linear phase digital filtering are available. The low ripple FIR filter works for 32µdB pass-band ripple, dc to 161.942kHz. A low latency sinc3 filter and sinc6 filter is usable from dc to 391.5kHz, and a Sinc3 filter is available with 50Hz/60Hz rejection.

The component allows for multidevice synchronization with one signal line and offers programmable data rates from 0.01kSPS to 1496kSPS with a resolution of 0.01SPS. The output data rate can be controlled by an external signal.

Typical applications encompass electrical test and measurement, audio test, 3-phase power quality analysis, control and hardware-in-loop verification, sonars, condition monitoring for predictive maintenance, as well as acoustic and material science research and development.

To evaluate the ADC, the EVAL-AD7134FMCZ Evaluation Board provides a demonstration platform. It includes two pre-mounted AD7134 ADCs, enabling the Evaluation Board to demonstrate multi-device simultaneous sampling. The Board is designed to connect to the EVAL-SDP-CH1Z High-Speed Controller Board, which in turn connects to a PC via a USB 2.0 high-speed port. The EVAL-SDP-CH1Z Board also provides power to the EVAL-AD7134FMCZ.

The related evaluation software running on a PC provides full accessibility to the AD7134 device register map, as well as a data analysis interface to display key parameters and graphics from the conversion result in both time and frequency domains.

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