Solid state drives eclipse HDDs

12 August 2008

Drop-in replacements for standard rotating mechanical hard disk drives need no additional software.

The MTRON SATA and PATA PRO 7500, XTM 7500, PRO 7000 and MOBI 3000 solid state drives are claimed to eliminate the problems associated with hard disk drives and are supplied and supported by Diamond Point.

The drives are constructed on a single-level cell semiconductor, non-volatile NAND flash memory and they have a proprietary, multi-channel parallel array technology and a memory management algorithm for data integrity. Average access time is 0.1msec, compared to HDDs milliseconds. PIO, DMA and Ultra DMA transfer modes are supported.

The PRO 7500 series has serial SATA II 3Gbit/sec standard data/power interfaces. Sustained data transfer rates are up to 130Mbyte/sec throughput in read mode and up to 120Mbyte/sec in write mode. Random IOPS (input/output operations/sec) performance is 19,000.

They have no inherent wait time, no cooling costs and are silent in operation. They are also highly resistant to impact or vibration. A single drive can replace multiple hard drives in enterprise and IT infrastructures; or it can eliminate the need for additional servers, and software licences, to overcome performance bottlenecks.

Typical reductions, according to Diamond, are around 45 per cent when compared to using hard disk drive systems.

The drives are available in 16Gbyte, 32Gbyte and 64Gbyte capacities in 2.5in types and 16Gbyte, 32Gbyte, 64Gbyte and 128Gbyte in 3.5in versions. Operating temperature is 0°C to 70°C.

The XTM 7500 operates over the extended range of -45°C to 90°C for military and aerospace applications.

The MOBI 3000 drives can operate at sustained data transfer rates of up to 100Mbyte/sec in read mode and up to 80Mbyte/sec in write mode. They are powered from a single 5V supply and consume only 0.5W in idle mode and 2W in active mode.

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