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AC-DC converters meet drive for miniaturisation

11 November 2020

Relec_LS R3_retail_580x280_sponsored
Relec_LS R3_retail_580x280_sponsored

The latest AC-DC converters from Mornsun, the LS-R3 series, increase the scope for flexibility in a multitude of space-conscious designs with applications ranging from the factory to the office and the home.

Relec Electronics has announced the LS R3 series of AC-DC converters from Mornsun Power. The compact, wide input devices deliver 3W – 10W in a compact form factor for high power density, high reliability applications.

Mornsun designed the converters to be small, light and efficient for flexible, compact designs to meet the industry demand for miniaturisation.

The miniature LS-R3 series measurements start from just 26.4 x 10.73 x 1mm and are suitable for many, varied applications, where miniature, flexible layout design is required. They are suitable for use in industrial control, intelligent building systems, instrumentation, the internet of things (IoT), point of sale (PoS) terminals, electric power and household appliances.

The series consists of the 3W LS03 R3, measuring 26.4mm x 12.58mm x 11mm. The 5W LS05 R3 is equally compact at 26.4mm x 14.73mm x 11mm. The 10W LS10 R3 has dimensions of 32mm x 17.2mm x 15.05mm.  All have an output range of 3.3-24V.

The flexible AC-DC converters are based around a single, flexible converter, which allows for a very wide range of design options. Different peripheral circuits (such as axial-lead resistor, varistor, electrolytic capacitor, Class X capacitor or differential mode inductor) can be used to equip the LS-R3 for almost any application, from inexpensive consumer products to high-end power for harsh, outdoor environments.

The wide input range of 85-305Vac meets international, universal voltage requirements. The LS-R3 AC-DC converters are efficient, with static power consumption down to 0.1W.

The versatile AC-DC converters are fully functional with start up at -40°C, fully rated (100% load) at +55°C and 50% load at +85°C. They are also IEC/EN/UL62368-approved and meet the requirements of EN60335 for household and similar domestic appliances.

Custom versions can be specified, according to the application’s needs.

Available from Relec Electronics, with short leads times, the LS-R3 is competitively priced and available with short production lead-times. The technical team at Relec is available to discuss an application’s specific requirements and arrange for free samples for evaluation.

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