EPDT November 2020 issue (inc. T&M + Industrial features) now available online

Author : Mark Gradwell | Editor | EPDT

03 November 2020

EPDT November 2020 cover image_580x280
EPDT November 2020 cover image_580x280

This month’s issue, now available in print or digital editions, contains features on Test & Measurement technologies and Industrial applications, plus editorial on International E-Waste Day & this year's IET President’s Address.

On International E-Waste Day, my Editor's Comment this month considers how growing environmental awareness is changing the way electronic devices are both designed and manufactured... (p4 digital issue or web version).

Our cover story (p6 digital issue or web version) reviews a better way to make graphene, helping unlock its potential for electronics applications – including Hall-effect sensor measurements.

Sticking with T&M, as the COVID-19 pandemic exposes the fragility of long, complex supply chains, companies are reconsidering reshoring, and we explore why quality assurance is essential for success (p8 digital issue or web version); we review optimal current clamp and measurement tool selection  for MRO engineers to use in even the darkest, most awkward corners of the electrical cabinet (p23 digital issue or web version); as companies look to maximise test quality, but minimise test time and teams increasingly work apart, we review how technology can enable a remote collaborative approach to help solve this “test bench paradox” (p26 digital issue or web version); and we include a case study showing how Philips, faced with rising device complexity and challenged to maintain product quality, while reducing cycle time and meeting short development schedules, adopted a standardised approach designed to abstract complexity from users, without limiting the functionality required to meet stringent test coverage requirements (p29 digital issue or web version).

For Industrial, we consider challenging operating conditions and common failure mechanisms for high-side switch circuits used in industrial factory environments, and we review how controller ICs integrate safety features to increase reliability and robustness (p10 digital issue or web version); as the sector looks to get employees back to work safely and kick-start production, we explain the role digitisation can play in getting manufacturers back to pre-pandemic production levels (p14 digital issue or web version); and as more embedded systems adopt networked architectures, we explore how to select Ethernet switches for demanding industrial operating environments (p17 digital issue or web version).

And finally, as Professor Danielle George begins her year-long term as IET President, our regular STEM Matters column reviews her President’s Address pledge to use her tenure to champion STEM #DifferenceMakers to inspire more young people to pursue careers in engineering and technology... (p34 digital issue or web version).

As always, I hope you enjoy the issue – and I’d love to hear what you think or any ideas for topics you’d like EPDT to cover in the future. You can email me at mark.gradwell@imlgroup.co.uk...

Mark Gradwell

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