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CDS TAURI, the premium temperature tablets – now even better than before!

09 September 2020

CDS Newly Launched Updates_580x280
CDS Newly Launched Updates_580x280

Protect your staff & visitors now! The phenomenal temperature tablet, TAURI, has had a makeover with these latest product updates. All updates are over the air, which means newly developed features can be updated in just one quick & easy click.

The CDS TAURI temperature checking tablet is a partnership between manufacturer, Glorystar and value-added distributor, CDS.

The TAURI is an adaptation of CDS’ existing range of commercial tablet devices, through the addition of a thermal imaging camera system to monitor the temperature of staff and visitors.

Coupled with a simple ‘app’ and locked down operating system, the solution gives a standalone ‘out of the box’ first layer, zero contact, automatic temperature sensing system, at the entrance or threshold to your premises.

How does the TAURI tablet work?

The TAURI system is designed to be simple and intuitive to operate.

Effectively a standalone automatic system for self-verification on entry to a premises, the system monitors the temperature of a user and informs them of the result visually on the screen, alongside an image of the user and a thermal map from the camera. No physical contact is necessary.

In the event of the temperature threshold being exceeded, an on-screen message is displayed to deny access, and an audio alert is activated.

Now even better than before!

The phenomenal temperature tablet, TAURI, is now even better than before with these latest product updates. There are further updates coming soon, so watch this space! All updates are over the air, which means newly developed features can be updated in just one quick and easy click.

Latest updates:

•    Dual monitor display

•    API – third party system integration

•    Customisable screen saver videos – providing free advertising

•    TCPIP relay for access control

•    Optional facial recognition (can store up to 5K faces)

CDS TAURI features_580x280
CDS TAURI features_580x280

•    Face detection (can recognise faces as distinct from objects, and determine if the user is wearing a protective mask or not)

And of course, still boasting these advanced features as standard:

•    Fast detection of temperature within 1 second

•    High accuracy with tolerance at +- 0.3 degree Celsius

•    Refresh rate at 64Hz, for increased efficiency

•    Calculated with an algorithm for object heat and constantly self-calibrates to the ambient environment

•    Touch free for ultimate hygiene

•    Integrated application, providing clear and simple interactive user interface and experience

•    Versatile, with 4 different sizes available for use in a range of environments

•    Flexible, with VESA standard for easy mounting

•    Highest quality German made sensors

As well as more coming soon through the TAURI cloud:

•    Temperature check analysis chart

•    Display visitor temperature check results

•    Display staff temperature check results

•    Add staff profiles

And even more still, coming soon to the Star Control App:

•    Install and uninstall apps

•    Update APKS, website, videos and firmware

CDS TAURI at the gym_580x280
CDS TAURI at the gym_580x280

•    Assigning user rights

•    Remote control and monitor devices

Is any further reason necessary to order a sample?

Unbeatable, standalone automatic systems that allow you to screen your customers, visitors, employees, EVERYONE at the point of entry with ease and safety!

And now with integrated mask detection and reminders to tell users to wear them. As well as customised temperature result messages and personalised email notifications after high temperature is detected.

Quality assured, personal, customisable, safe and secure, giving peace of mind for the return to the new normality.

To find out more, please visit: https://crystal-display.com/products/checkvue-tauri-temperature-sensing-tablet/

Contact CDS, the TAURI authorised channel partner today to learn more! Email them on info@crystal-display.com or call +44 (0) 1634 791 600.

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