EPDT's H2 2020 Electronics Outsourcing supplement now available online

Author : Mark Gradwell | Editor | EPDT

03 September 2020

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Included in this month’s EPDT September issue, the second of this year's twice-yearly Electronics Outsourcing supplements is now available in print or digital editions.

Included in EPDT's September 2020 issue, EPDT's H2 Electronics Outsourcing supplement (p23 digital issue) opens by reviewing the state of electronic components market worldwide and considering how COVID-19 is impacting global electronics manufacturing supply chains (p24 digital issue or web version). Two T&M-focused pieces explain how manufacturing test can help design engineers avoid electronic product launch failures (p28 digital issue or web version) and why PCBA testing is so vital for electronics manufacturers (p30 digital issue or web version). The supplement closes by considering what role electronics manufacturers can play in the circular economy (p32 digital issue or web version).

EPDT's September 2020 issue also contains features covering Displays technologies and Energy applications, as well as editorial considering the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our electronics industry – and the role it could play in helping create a more sustainable circular economy (p4 digital issue or web version) and exploring some of the concerns young people have for the future, education, training and work – and considering how STEM can help (p34 digital issue or web version).

EPDT September 2020 cover image_580x280

I hope you enjoy our biannual look at the world of contract manufacturing, electronics outsourcing & EMS (electronics manufacturing services) – and I’d love to hear what you think or any ideas for topics you’d like EPDT to cover in future editions. You can email me at mark.gradwell@imlgroup.co.uk...

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